Greetings for ramadan kareem


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Ramadan Kareem means generous Ramadan.During the 9th Month of Islamic Calendar, Ramadan month, Muhammad received revelation from Allah.

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Greetings for ramadan kareem

  1. 1. Greetings for Ramadan Kareem By:
  2. 2. Ramadan Kareem means generous Ramadan. During the 9th Month of Islamic Calendar, Ramadan month, Muhammad received revelation from Allah.
  3. 3. Ramadan month is the holy month and month of intense fasting, prayers, reading Quran and charity; during the month I am sure you would wish to send Greetings for Ramadan Kareem to others to wish them happy Ramadan.
  4. 4. In this article we have Greetings for Ramadan Kareem, which you can use to send to your loved ones to wish them the greetings of the Holy month.
  5. 5. Greetings for Ramadan
  6. 6. I pray to Allah , that happiness knocks your door early and leaves with joy, love, peace and prosperity. Ramadan Kareem.
  7. 7. May the prayers you offer during the month of Ramadan and all over the year, I pray that Allah answers your prayers and fills your house with love and peace, Ramadan Kareem.
  8. 8. Allah says” Call on me and I will answer your prayers”. Be patient and consistent in your prayers, Ramadan Kareem.
  9. 9. As the sighting of the crescent moon gives the sign of the beginning of the Ramadan Month, May Allah showers his blessing on you and your family generously, Ramadan Kareem.
  10. 10. Allah is the one God, the creator, to him belongs all the wonder works, he is the Almighty God , wishing you Ramadan Kareem.
  11. 11. Quran has the key to success and happiness, may we find the key when we recite Quran together during this link Ramadan, Ramadan Kareem.
  12. 12. Ramadan has a greater meaning then just celebrating, Ramadan month is the month when we draw more closely to Allah and receive his blessings, Ramadan Kareem.
  13. 13. We recite Quran during the month of Ramadan, I pray that we walk according to the teachings of Quran and do the things we are supposed to do during Ramadan, not just as an act that we have to do, but with our willing heart and mind, as Allah sees our heart and not our appearances.
  14. 14. For this reason, we prefer to depend on dedicated source like where you can get all the information related to Ramadan. I am sure these Greetings for Ramadan Kareem would be inspiring to you and others as well.
  15. 15. Then why not make the best use of this Greetings for Ramadan Kareem and start sending it to others, sharing the generosity of Ramadan.