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Ace by Sharapova


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Sharapova Signature Branded Residences is an iconic 40-storey apartment tower designed by Upton Hansen Architects of London, as a tribute to the grace and beauty of tennis legend Maria Sharapova. The tower's 120 plush residences will have interiors designed by Ms Sharapova.
Located in the upcoming Sector 73 in the heart of Gurgaon, the luxurious complex will also include a Sharapova Signature Tennis Academy.

Have a look at Homestead's Michael Schumacher world towers branded on the iconic legend Michael Schumacher himself

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Ace by Sharapova

  1. 1. What does it take to make a world champion?
  2. 2. Power& Energy
  3. 3. Brains &beauty
  4. 4. Elegance &attitude
  5. 5. Youth &Elegance & timelessnessPanache
  6. 6. This is whatMaria Sharapova, the worldsNo.1 tennis player is made of.
  7. 7. Now imagineall of this, in your home.
  8. 8. PRESENTS ACE by Sharapova
  9. 9. Inspired by the beautiful &curvaceous Maria
  10. 10. Here is an architecturalmasterpiece exuding feminine charm, glamour and luxury. by Sharapova
  11. 11. Play thegame of lifein the lapof luxury
  12. 12. 120 stylish residencesfeaturing interiors designed by Maria herself by Sharapova
  13. 13. 3 apartments per floorHere luxury has space to get active by Sharapova
  14. 14. bySharapova
  15. 15. The game oflife is bestplayedoutdoors
  16. 16. Garden Bench Egg swing by Sharapova
  17. 17. E n j o y t h e v i e w a n d t h e b r e e z e , t o g e t h e r o n y o u r T i t a n i c Te r r a c e by Sharapova
  18. 18. Specially designed Chaise for romantic sky-gazing by Sharapova
  19. 19. Here all the elementslive with you
  20. 20. An airy drawing room with terrace running alongside by Sharapova
  21. 21. Enjoy lazy summer afternoons in your private plunge pool by Sharapova
  22. 22. Pebbles line your balcony Fireplace to keep you warm on cold January nights by Sharapova
  23. 23. Family Lounge Zen Garden withwith glass Roof floating step by Sharapova
  24. 24. Game on!
  25. 25. Grand Slam: the club at the base of Ace tower. by Sharapova
  26. 26. With a Sharapova signature tennis academy by Sharapova
  27. 27. Enjoy a private tennis session with Maria Sharapova during her India tour. by Sharapova
  28. 28. Reflex: The Health & recreation zone by Sharapova
  29. 29. Jogging tracks form part of the landscape by Sharapova
  30. 30. Centre court: The landscaped yoga and meditation zone by Sharapova
  31. 31. Game point: the Sports-themed restaurant by Sharapova
  32. 32. Mixed Doubles: the sports bar by Sharapova
  33. 33. Love by Maria:The exclusive designer clothing, sportwear & accessory lounge curated by Sharapova by Sharapova
  34. 34. Advantage : you
  35. 35. Designed to be atowering icon in the skyline of Gurgaon by Sharapova
  36. 36. High speed lifts100% power backup 3-level security by Sharapova
  37. 37. Water bodies and pools in the landscape reflect the curves of the tower by Sharapova
  38. 38. Serve & Volley: The exclusive concierge service, to take care of all your needs by Sharapova
  39. 39. Setting astandard theworld willfollow..
  40. 40. Designed to world standardsby Upton Hansen Architects Upton Hansen is a duo of architects from London, renownedfor their unconventionally shaped signature buildings. The mostrecent of this is the Michael Schumacher World Tower, another Homestead project in the neighborhood of Ace. The duo use their international experience to create buildings which are pieces of art, yet are ecologically balanced. by Sharapova
  41. 41. Partnered By DFIDesign Forum International is among the emerging breed of Architectural Practices who have straddled thedemanding pace of the Construction that today’s projectsdemand and is coming out with flying colors. Floated and run by IITian trio Anoj Tevatia, Goonmeet Chauhan and Anand Sharma along with a talented team working in a very corporate set up, combining the best of talent with the best of governance and HR practices.They are the names behind one of Delhi’s most famous new landmarks, the ‘Select Citywalk’ mall. Their otherprojects include shopping complexes, premium housingprojects, IT parks & SEZs, townships, hotels, resorts, and institutions across North India. by Sharapova
  42. 42. A masterstroke by Homestead Homestead believes that buildings have a greater potential.A larger goal. A higher purpose. To not just protect humans, butalso ensure holistic living. To energize lives, to inspire positivity, to create harmony. So, that we contribute to a better society. Homestead is based out of London, engaged in the business of the development of real estate with a vision of expansion inIndia, Dubai, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh Inspired by the concept of “human architecture”, Homesteadwith the help of its international expertise envisages to create afuture where people will live, work and play in spaces which will enhance their quality of life. by Sharapova
  43. 43. For more information contact Homestead Infrastructure Development Pvt. LtdPlot No.15, 2nd and 3rd floor, Sector 44, Gurgaon - 122001, Haryana, India Ph: 0124-4904800/ 4904899 Fax: 0124-4904801
  44. 44. Wanna play? by Sharapova
  45. 45. Game. Match. Set.
  46. 46. For Booking, Please contact-Real Portfolio Management Advisory Ltd.Mobile#- +91-9999273200Email@-