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1.4. Emerging Microgrid Use, Applications, and Opportunities_Barr_EPRI/SNL Microgrid


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Presentation from the EPRI-Sandia Symposium on Secure and Resilient Microgrids: Emerging Microgrid Use, Applications, and Opportunities, presented by Dave Barr, Burns & McDonnell, Baltimore, MD, August 29-31, 2016.

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1.4. Emerging Microgrid Use, Applications, and Opportunities_Barr_EPRI/SNL Microgrid

  1. 1. Symposium on Secure and Resilient Microgrids EMERGING MICROGRID USE, APPLICATIONS & OPPORTUNITIES August 29, 2016
  2. 2. CombinedHeat&Power • Central Energy Plant Approach • Focused on Highly Efficient Utility Tied Operation • Common on University Campuses TraditionalCriticalInfrastructure • Central Power Plant Approach • Only Operate in Absence of Utility • Common at Data Centers and Hospitals NextGenCriticalInfrastructure • Distributed Generation Approach • Focused on Flexibility and Sustainability • Renewable and Emerging Technologies Microgrid Market Shifts
  3. 3. ► Aging transmission/distribution ► Regulatory and financial obstacles to upgrade systems ► Increased vulnerability/impact of severe weather ► New man-made threats to the grid ► High penetration of PV in some markets shifts peaks ► Customers demanding grid services Power Delivery Challenges
  4. 4. ► Reduced reliance on backup generators ► Any generation source could be integrated ► New features focused on grid-tied operation ► Optimization of efficiency and cost/revenue in both grid-tied and islanded modes of operation Microgrid Evolution
  5. 5. 5 Drivers for Military Microgrids ► Warfighting takes place remotely ► Cyber threat to electrical grid is significant threat ► Traditional backup power systems intended for 8-24 hours; new threats could impact installations for 6-9 months ► Policy-driven increase in renewable generation; stranded assets when utility fails ► Lack of O&M funding, system training degrading on-base systems
  6. 6. 6 Moving Beyond Pilots and Demonstrations ► SPIDERS Phases 1, 2 and 3 (ECIP) ► FDA White Oak Campus CHP-based microgrid (ESPC) ► MCAGCC Twenty-nine Palms (ESTCP, expansion via MILCON) ► Tooele Army Depot renewables/energy storage (ECIP) ► Schofield Barracks utility peaking plant (EUL)
  7. 7. 7 Current Challenges ► Understanding ownership of assets and rights of access • Utility, customer, third-party PPA ► Understanding impacts to utility rate schedule • Demand charges based on power export? ► Minimizing operational impacts during implementation ► Increased complexity of distribution operations • Changes in safety protocols • Preparedness for infrequent events
  8. 8. David A. Barr, PE, PMP Burns & McDonnell