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00 pvmpc cfv slides


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8th PVPMC Workshop, May 9-10 2017

Published in: Technology
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00 pvmpc cfv slides

  1. 1. PVMPC Welcome and CFV Overview May 9-10, 2017 Jim Crimmins General Manager, CFV Solar Test Laboratory
  2. 2. CFV Solar Test Laboratory PVMPC2 • CFV is a 28,000 square foot ISO 17025 PV test laboratory. CFV is a CBTL under IECEE. • CFV is jointly owned by CSA, Fraunhofer ISE and Fraunhofer CSE. • CFV offers performance testing, bankability testing, developer and certification testing services for all types of PV technologies: flat plate, bifacials, CPV, BiPV, racking and tracking systems. • CFV clients and partners are manufacturers, developers, investors, independent engineers, national labs (Sandia, NREL, NIST).
  3. 3. Indoor Performance Testing PVPMC Welcome and CFV Overview3 • A+/A+/A+ halm flasher with primary PTB reference cells, on-site spectrometer calibration and annual multiple technology module exchange with Fraunhofer. • 61853-1 measurements and PAN file generation using custom PANOpt© optimizer. Typical cSi Pmp RMSE errors of < .5 watt modeled versus measured. • PANOpt© is written in Python and uses portions of PVLIB. We have modified a portion of the single diode model in PVLIB to add the Merten model recombination current term allowing CIGS and CdTe to be modeled effectively.
  4. 4. Outdoor Performance Testing PVPMC4 • IAM measurements using dual-axis tracker procedure developed jointly with Sandia and compatible with IEC 61853-2. • CFV is one of the few labs that can reliably perform this measurement, which can have a significant effect on yield estimates from performance simulation software versus default IAM profiles. • NOCT/NMOT measurements. Generation of U0, U1 thermal coefficients that can improve software yield estimates versus defaults. • Sandia coefficient estimation.
  5. 5. Bankability Testing PVPMC5 • Extended reliability and durability testing to both standard and custom protocols: • Fraunhofer PVDI, 3x IEC, Qualification Plus, Thresher style testing. • Participated in development of CSA’s EXP450 which is in process to becoming an ANSI standard for PV Module Quality Assurance Testing Protocol which was presented at NREL’s conference in February. • EXP450 has a publicly available testing document, technical committee and a process for updates using latest research from NREL and others.
  6. 6. Developer Services PVPMC6 • Batch flash testing of modules prior to installation. • Custom PAN file generation for specific module batches or plants. • Fielded module failure analysis. Diode failures, crack and snail trail analysis and forward looking durability testing. Jointly with Fraunhofer CSE and ISE. • Mechanical load testing for modules, racks and trackers. • QA and module reliability testing, CSA EXP450 with third party factory sampling and BOM verification.
  7. 7. Feedback Loops For Continuous Improvement Measurement ModelingMonitoring PMPMC7
  8. 8. Conference Updates • Reception tonight after conference – open bar, beer and wine. • Dinner tonight 7:00 – 9:00 – open bar, beer and wine Spaces still available. Please tell us if you are interested before AM break. • Space for CFV lab tour at 2 PM Wednesday for those not attending PVLIB workshop. CFV is 10 minutes from airport. PVPMC8