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Whats Under the Hood at the Microsoft Garage TCEA 2018


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Learn about the Microsoft Garage, the worlds largest makerspace!

Published in: Education
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Whats Under the Hood at the Microsoft Garage TCEA 2018

  1. 1. What's Under the Hood at The Microsoft Garage Sandi Adams Cherokee County School District Woodstock, Georgia @sandiadams
  2. 2. Little Sandi
  3. 3. Why do my fingers wrinkle when I am in the bathtub.. Why doesn’t the moon twinkle? Why does my stomach make noises… If I eat a watermelon seed will it grow inside my stomach? Wonder if I could tape a flashlight to my head so I can read in the dark… Why do people get sick… How can I play records in my close and play without closing? How small are people in the radio
  4. 4. What if our students had titles like…
  5. 5. “Talent Builder” “Professor of Product” “Designer” “Experimental Outlet Overseer” “Community Builder”
  6. 6. “ The Microsoft Garage
  7. 7. Spaces, Places, and People
  8. 8. • Redmond, WA • Vancouver, B.C. • Herzelia, Israel • Silicon Valley • Hyderabad, India • Beijing, China • Cambridge, MA Garage Growth
  9. 9. Hackathon Mojo
  10. 10. An Experimental Outlet
  11. 11. The Garage Intern Program
  12. 12. Accessibility
  13. 13. Color BinocularsIs it possible to help color blind individuals with a simple smartphone app
  14. 14. Hearing AI Why must sound only be heard?
  15. 15. Seeing AI What if there was an app that narrates the world around you.
  16. 16. Site Sign We had three goals to enable those who have lost their ability to write their signature: • Become more independent • Use their abilities to foster that independence • Combine their previous handwritten signature with their new eye signature
  17. 17. Site Sign
  18. 18. Site Sign
  19. 19. Productivity
  20. 20. Presentation Translator
  21. 21. Presentation Translator
  22. 22. Find Time Have you ever spent more time deciding when to meet than actually meeting?
  23. 23. Dictate "What if you could type with your voice?"
  24. 24. Social Sharing & Creativity
  25. 25. Social Share Could we make it simple to share content from PowerPoint to Facebook and Twitter?
  26. 26. NewsPro How can I find insightful news about specific narrow topics?
  27. 27. Microsoft Selfie How can I take a selfie that intelligently considers age, gender, skin tone, lighting all with one click?
  28. 28. Sprightly How can I quickly create content for business & personal needs?
  29. 29. Education
  30. 30. Immersive Reader Learning Tools How can we make reading and writing better for everyone?
  31. 31. Write Ideas Can we help students avoid the scary blank page when starting writing assignments?“
  32. 32. Plumbago Can we make note-taking experience as creative, beautiful, and personal as with physical pen & paper?
  33. 33. Project Cordoba How can we make data more visual?
  34. 34. For Fun
  35. 35. Fetch aka What Dog
  36. 36. Fetch aka What Dog
  37. 37. What if we could use machine learning technology to detect the length of facial hair?”
  38. 38. Flower Recognition
  39. 39. Face Swap
  40. 40. Navigating the Garage
  41. 41. @sandiadams @msftgarage Special Thanks to Anne Legato and the Garage Hackathon Team for sharing their thoughts with me on the Microsoft Garage
  42. 42. How can I get gum out of my hair?How do you remove a lightbulb that is stuck… I WISH there was a remote that you could use on people. That way when you don't want to hear them you can press mute, or if they did something you like you could make them do it again by pressing rewind. I WISH someone would invent a stand for a hairdryer so that both hands could be left free for styling. I WISH there was a jet-propelled pack that would strap on to your back that would not run out of fuel to quickly and could go the speed of a small plane. It wouldn't be to heavy and it would be in my price range.