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Final Location


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Published in: Education
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Final Location

  1. 1. Final Location for thriller opening ‘DISTURBED’ The Fox Hills Manor House is a beautiful traditional large building which in the night resembles a creepy, horror haunted look, which would create a great establishing shot as it would portray the suspense. We were able to confirm with the Fox Hills manger of this location, verifying that we would be able to film outside and inside the Manor House. The Manor house living room is a perfect example of the room which could be used for the male and female to sit and drink wine, resembling a date scenario. Inside the Manor house resembles a traditional layout which will make our thriller opening seem realistic and because the setting is so large with dim lighting it will create an area of suspense. The photo below shows an arch way which could act as a frame shot, with the male and female walking up the stairs it will make the audience question where they are going and why this part of the scene is represented as being important.