Electricity crisis by BTS


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these slides contains some research on Electric Crisis in Pakistan

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Electricity crisis by BTS

  1. 1. Electricity crisis In Pakistan
  2. 2. Introduction • Today Pakistan is facing a horrible crisis of electricity. • It looks a dream that Pakistan will become a load shading free country. • Both the industry and the domestic areas are effected with this major problem of the electricity.
  3. 3. Electricity distribution • Now a days there are two main distribution company of electricity. • WAPDA • KESC (private company that deals only Karachi)
  4. 4. Short Fall • Today the total production of the electricity is 21103 MW. • The Demand is the 26000 MW. So the shortfall is approximately 5000 MW.
  5. 5. Cost per unit • The cost on the production of electricity is 23 Rupees per unit. Because the Pakistan produce 65% electricity from the different thermal power stations. So the over all cost of production is incrse.
  6. 6. Solutions • Here we discuses the solution of the load shading. Thee are different methods and recourse by which we can reduce the load shading.
  7. 7. Garbage Generator
  8. 8. Garbage Generator • At present only 4-5% solid waste material is recycle. • The government department of solid waste management not working properly. And also it makes the country dirty. So the waste material that making our country dirty. Then we should use it to produce electricity and also make the country clean
  9. 9. Garbage Generator • For this purpose government should promote the installment of the garbage generator. • Now a days people are also purchasing the thermal generator . Insisted of them people purchase that generator.
  10. 10. Revenue from Garbage Generator • Everyone who use the garbage generator will pay the 1 rupee per unit to the government. • The solid waste material will be purchase only from the government department. • The user cost will be the 4-5 rupee per unit. While the government unit is 11-19 rupee. • In this way the government get the profit without any investment.
  11. 11. Payment Meter
  12. 12. Payment Meter • In Pakistan mostly people do not pay the bill. The bill contain the previous month amount of usage of electricity. • To avoid this thing the PAY METER is used. By this the customer pay advance through the credit card. When the customer used the electricity of its payment then the electricity automatically cut off.
  13. 13. Removal of line losses • The line losses are almost 21-23%. This %age of electricity is loss due to the bad management and the old infrastructure of wires and transformer. • By updating the whole infrastructure we can minimize the line loss.
  14. 14. Utilization of natural resources • In Pakistan there are lot of natural resources that can produce electricity. By maximum use of the natural resources we can produce electricity.
  15. 15. Solar system • In south Punjab of the Pakistan is too hot area of the Pakistan. We can say that these area are heave of the solar energy. • The electricity that produce from the rays of the sun are the free. Only the investment require in the start .
  16. 16. Solar system • The government should remove the heavy custom duty on the solar system so that people can easily purchase the solar system personally.
  17. 17. Coal • World 6th largest reserved of coal are also in Pakistan at the THAR DESERT, Sindh. • The energy capacity of THAR COAL is more than the other coal in the world. • By converting all the thermal plant on the COAL we can produce electricity at very less cost. • The 65% electricity that we produce from the petrol will be converted n the Coal plant. And the cost of electricity will decrease.
  18. 18. Power Plant Near the Cities • We know that the line losses are 21-23 %. This can be remove if the power plant will be shifted if the new power plant will be install near to the cities. Because the wire and transformers are old. The old infrastructure have to be changed. • If we cannot change then we can install the new plants near to the cities so that the distance decrease and the % of electricity loss decrease.
  19. 19. Wind power generator • Wind power generator can be very useful in Pakistan. People of those areas where air speed is enough can install the wind power generator. Government should promote the wind generator and also give benefit to those who will install such generator.