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Introduction To rNews 1.0


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Introduction to rNews Version 1.0

Published in: Technology
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Introduction To rNews 1.0

  1. 1. rNews 1.0 Embedded Data For The News Industry 1
  2. 2. ...And 50Others 3
  3. 3. Story components which are obvious to a person… STORYPHOTO
  4. 4. ...are not so obvious to a machine. STORYPHOTO
  5. 5. The Problem of Structured Data Modern Web Sites Built with 3 Tier Display Architecture • Data Tier: Database Tier Where Content Lives. • Presentation Tier: HTML Document that is sent to user. • Logic Tier: Software Logic that reads from the Data Tier and outputs the Tier Presentation Tier. Data Tier 7
  6. 6. The Problem Of Structured Data: Continued Data Tier Logic Tier Display TierLabel Type Value <html> <head>id number 1248069162607 <title> New Web Code Draws Concern...Headline text New Web Code Draws Concern... </title>Byline text By TANZINA VEGA </head> <body>Date date 20101010 <div>Body text In the next few years, a powerful... New Web Code Draws Concern... </div>Length number 1123 <div>Tag text Privacy By TANZINA VEGA </div>Tag text Computers and the Internet <div>Tag text Web Browsers October 10, 2010 </div> <div> In the next few years, a powerful... </div> </body> Content very well structured on Data </html> Tier, but all of this structure is lost in translation to presentation tier. 8
  7. 7. The Problem Of Structured Data: Continued<html> Display Tier ? <head> <title> New Web Code Draws Concern... </title> </head> <body> <div> = New Web Code Draws Concern... </div> <div> By TANZINA VEGA </div> <div>  Search engines, social October 10, 2010 networks, aggregators and </div> <div> other sites only see the In the next few years, a powerful... </div> Display Tier, and cannot </body></html> leverage the underlying structure of the data. 9
  8. 8. Semantic Markup StandardsMicroformats RDFa Microdata JSON  First  Official  Unofficial  Official  Simple  Complex  Flexible  Developers  Rigid  OpenGraph   External 10
  9. 9. rNews Defined rNews is a data model for embedding machine-readable publishing metadata in web documents and a set of suggested implementations. 11
  10. 10. rNews is a data model PostalAddress address address address geo Coordinates Geo Person Location Coordinates Organization creator creator editor name editor contributor contributor provider provider copyrightHolder Concept copyrightHolder accountablePerson sourceOrganization about mentions Comment comment NewsItem associatedMedia associatedArticle ImageObject VideoObject Article AudioObject 12
  11. 11. for embedding machine-readablepublishing metadata in webdocumentsHeadlineBylineTagsCreator... 13
  12. 12. and a set of suggested implementations RDFa Microdata Today Today 14
  13. 13. rNews - Working Example 15
  14. 14. !+,-./012345678429:;</4=>??@#/??-0-4AB0C;4!D*40EFGHI6IJGF8??3K=44=566LM??NNNDN#DJEO?0P?Q5678!?-0-?Q5678!>6EFGHI6IJGF8DR6R=S44 "+!"#$S #+!%&S+?!%&S $+()*S %444++,S &4444++,S 4444444++,ST88IUH4TEU44VL8I6DDD+?+,S (444444++,SKT0.40FWUH44/J77FGR+?+,S )444444++,S!*44444444++#-44HEXY=I7O?8IZ[FHF7L8UEU]6UEHD^LO=?S!!44444444++,S/EURI6M4_JEFG40J7FHU`IX?PU]6UEH+?+,S!"444444444++,SPUZU84aIO56UEH446FWUDDD+?+,S!#444444+?+,S!$444444++,S:[4V03b3K4;3344C13PV+?+,S!%444444++,S@TVB<K_0.K44c4CFEX54"$d4"*!!+?+,S!&444444++,S!44444444+.SBF`IGO448FEOU8[4H]XXUURURDDD+?.S!(444444+?+,S!)444444++,S"*44444444+.S+&445EUaY=566LM??NNNDG[6I7UHDXJ7?XJG6UG6?5U8L?EIO56H?XJL[EIO56?XJL[EIO56>GJ6IXUD5678=S"!44444444444e4/JL[EIO5644"*!!""444444444+?&S+/.&0S05U4KUN41JEW440I7UH44/J7LFG[+?/.&0S+?.S"#44444444+.S+&445EUaY=566LM??NNNDG[6I7UHDXJ7?EUa?7U7ZUEXUG6UE?5U8L?FOEUUD5678=S"$44444444444-IHX8FI7UE"%444444444+?&S+?.S"&4444444+?+,S"4444+?+,S"(44444++,S")444444++,S#*44444444++,SVUX6IJG+?+,S#!44444444++,S@JE8R+?+,S#"444444+?+,S##444444++,S0FOH+?+,S#$4444444++,S#%44444444++,S#&4444444444++,S2UJL8U+?+,S#4444444444++,SfFRRFaId4C]F77FE44U8>+?+,S#(44444444+?+,S#)444444+?+,S444444$*444444++,S$!44444444++,S-IHX]HHIJG44g#h+?+,S$"44444444++,S$#4444444444++,SVJ465U4i]UH6IJG44IHDDD=+?+,S$$4444444444++,S$%4444444444+&445EUaY=566LM??6I7UHLUJL8UDG[6I7UHDXJ7?`IUN?]HUE?""$"("?FX6I`I6IUHD5678=S/5]XW+?&S+?+,S$&4444444444++,SCFEX54"%65d44"*!!4(M"4F7+?+,S$44444444+?+,S$(444444+?+,S$)4444+?+,S%*444+?+,S%!+?()*S%"+?!"#$S 16
  15. 15. HTML 5 Microdata<!DOCTYPE HTML><html itemscope itemtype="" ><head> <style type="text/css">@import url(css/iptc_times2.css);</style> <meta itemprop="dateCreated" content="2011-03-23"/> <meta itemprop="description" content="The questions about the command..."/> <meta itemprop="inLanguage" content="en-US"/> <meta itemprop="thumbnailUrl" content=""/> <meta itemprop="genre" content="Current"/> <meta itemprop="id" content="1248069687395"/> <meta itemprop="version" content="2"/> <meta itemprop="publishingPrinciples" content=""/> <meta itemprop="wordCount" content="879"/></head><body> <div style="height:900px" class="article"> <div class="a_column"> <div itemprop="headline" class="headline">Allies Are Split on Goal and Exit Strategy in Libya</div> <div itemprop="alternativeHeadline" class="rider">NATO Takes Command</div> <div itemprop="associatedMedia" itemscope itemtype=""> <img itemprop="URL" class="image" src="img/libya_sample_reuters.jpg"/> <div class="image_credit">Credit: <span itemprop="creator" itemscope itemtype=""> <span itemprop="name">Goran Tomasevic</span> </span> / <span itemprop="sourceOrganization" itemscope itemtype=""> <span itemprop="name">Reuters</span> <meta itemprop="tickerSymbol" content="NYSE TRI"/> </span> </div> 17
  16. 16. RDFa<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML+RDFa 1.0//EN" ""><html xmlns:rnews=""><head> <style type="text/css">@import url(css/iptc_times2.css);</style></head><body> <div class="article" style="height:623px"> <div class="a_column"> <div property="rnews:headline" class="headline">Allies Are Split on Goal and Exit Strategy in Libya</div> <div class="rider">NATO Takes Command</div> <div class="main_image"> <img class="image" src="img/libya_sample_reuters.jpg"/> <div class="image_credit">Credit: Goran Tomasevic/Reuters</div> <div class="image_caption"> Rebel fighters take cover during a shelling near Ajdabiyah, Libya on Thursday. </div> </div> <div rel="rnews:createdBy" class="byline">By <span about="" typeof="rnews:Person"> <span property="rnews:name">STEVEN LEE MYERS</span> </span> </div> <div class="publication_date"> <span property="rnews:dateline">WASHINGTON</span> | <span property="rnews:dateCreated" content="2011-03-24">March 24, 2011</span> </div> 18
  17. 17. PostalAddress address address address geo Coordinates Geo Person Location Coordinates Organization creator creator editor name editor contributor contributor provider provider copyrightHolder Concept copyrightHolder accountablePerson sourceOrganization about mentionsComment comment NewsItem associatedMedia associatedArticleImageObjectVideoObject ArticleAudioObject
  18. 18. NewsItem headline identifier description genre dateCreated version dateModified dateline datePublished interactionCount inLanguage discussionUrl thumbnailUrl alternativeHeadline usageTerms publishingPrinciplescopyrightNotice copyrightYear 20
  19. 19. heightwidthencodingFormattranscriptdurationImageObjectVideoObjectAudioObject
  20. 20. articleBodyarticleSection wordCount printPage printColumn printEdition printSection Article
  21. 21. CommentcommentTextcommentTimereplyToUrl 23
  22. 22. streetAddress url postOfficeBoxNumber email addressLocality faxNumber addressRegion telephone addressCountry postalCode PostalAddresshonorificPrefixgivenNameadditionalNamefamilyName address address addresshonorificSuffix tickerSymbol point circle elevation featureCode polygon geo box Coordinates line Geo Place Coordinates Organization name
  23. 23. How Does rNews Fit in With ExistingIPTC StandardsNewsML NITF rNews CMSXML HTML feeds publisher web 25
  24. 24. The Way to rNews
  25. 25. The Way To rNews  June: Genesis of rNews - Evan at SemTech 20102010  November 5 - Rome: chartered  internal discussions about NYT draft  March 9 - Dubai: rNews 0.12011  lots of feedback, changes and additions  June 9 - Berlin: rNews 0.5  June 28: rNews 0.6  September 6: rNews 0.7 [aligned w/]  October 7 - Vienna: rNews 1.0 27
  26. 26. Engaging Our Community 28
  27. 27. Engaging Our Community 29
  28. 28. Engaging Our Community 30
  29. 29. Engaging Our Community 31
  30. 30. Feedback we incorporated... point circle latitude elevationlongitude polygon altitude box line Geo Location Coordinates 32
  31. 31. Feedback we incorporated... editor Person NewsItem 33
  32. 32. rNews BenefitsOr Why You Should Care About rNews
  33. 33. Benefit #1: Better LinksWith StructuredDataNo StructuredData 35
  34. 34. Benefit #2: Better AnalyticsJavascript can extract richer news metadata Analytics per item, not just per page 36
  35. 35. Benefit #3: Better Ad Placement Leverage metadata not just textAvoid unfortunate juxtapositions 37
  36. 36. 38
  37. 37. 39
  38. 38. This class contains derivativesof IPTC rNews properties.rNews is a data model ofpublishing metadata withserializations currentlyavailable for RDFa as well asHTML5 Microdata. Moreinformation about the IPTC andrNews can be found 40