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How to apply an entrepreneurial mindset within the bounds of an organization. My personal list of the top five vital skills required to succeed.

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  • Great information about Intrapreneurship, a topic which is very important.

    “Intrapreneurship is the ‘Secret Weapon’ for success within major firms such as: 3M, Anaconda-Ericsson, Apple Computer, Autodesk, Corona Data Systems, Caribou Coffee, Gateway, GE, Genetech, Google, IBM, INTEL, iRobot, Kodak, Lockheed-Martin, PR1ME Computer, Sony, Sun Microsystems, TCI, Texas Instruments, Toyota, W. L. Gore, and Yahoo.” (A Quote from Dr. Haller’s book “Intrapreneurship Success.”)

    Intrapreneurship allows an employee to explore the entrepreneurial creation of a product, service, or division with their employer’s encouragement, resources, and support.

    Dr. Howard Haller's book, “Intrapreneurship Success: A PR1ME Example” shares the well-documented case study of PR1ME Computer Inc. From 1977 to 1980, PR1ME successfully and effectively used Intrapreneurship to grow from a small OTC listed company to become the Number 1 performing company listed on the NYSE. Within 4 years PR1ME’s sales grew from $50 Million to $480 Million with strong profit margins.

    For more details on “Real World” Intrapreneurship Case Studies please visit: www.IntrapreneurshipInstitute.
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  1. 1. Intrapreneurship Shirish Andhare Shirish Andhare All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. What Is Intrapreneurship? Entrepreneuring within the “bounds” of an organization  Transforming vision to action and action to aligned value  Understanding the Circles of Influence† in an organizational context  Employing technical, business, and political acumen  Combining resources and security with freedom and creativity † Ramfelt, Lena and Kosnik, Thomas. “Circles of Influence – And The Paradoxes of Silicon Valley” Shirish Andhare on Intrapreneurship
  3. 3. Intrapreneur Bridges Vision and Action Intrapreneur Planner Line Manager Vision Worker Action Adapted from “Intrapreneuring”, by Gifford Pinchot III, Harper and Row Publishers, 1986 Shirish Andhare on Intrapreneurship
  4. 4. Intrapreneurship: An Entrepreneurial Venture Simulator  Practice entrepreneurial leadership skills  Leverage safety and security of an existing organization Entrepreneurship Intrapreneurship Entrepreneur Intrapreneur Co-founders Core cross-functional team that shares vision Company Broader cross-functional team Angel Executive sponsor Venture Capitalist CFO, Business owner Board Executive staff Advisors Key staff members – “smart time” not “smart money” Shirish Andhare on Intrapreneurship
  5. 5. Role Of The Intrapreneur Scientist & Researcher Inventor & Idea Person Planner Intrapreneur bridges the void between idea and execution Growth Business Mgr. Cash Cow Mgr. “Liquidation” Mgr. Product Lifecycle Adapted from “Intrapreneuring”, by Gifford Pinchot III, Harper and Row Publishers, 1986 Shirish Andhare on Intrapreneurship
  6. 6. My List Of Five Vital Skills  Communication  Leadership  Numbers  Negotiation  Execution Shirish Andhare on Intrapreneurship
  7. 7. Vital Skill #1: Communication  Regular  Because organizational memory can be short  Clear  Because ambiguous messages beget ambiguous results  Concise  Because the higher up and broader you communicate the less time you have  Tuned  Because in communication “one size does not fit all” Shirish Andhare on Intrapreneurship
  8. 8. Vital Skill #2: Leadership  Vision  Because the person with the clearest vision gets to drive  Humility  Because you cannot do it alone  Iron will  Because your resolve will be tested  Trust  Because it binds Shirish Andhare on Intrapreneurship
  9. 9. Vital Skill #3: Numbers  Quantify  Because a number is worth a thousand pictures  Quantify  Because numbers are the life blood of the business  Quantify  Because your success as an Intrapreneur will be judged by them Shirish Andhare on Intrapreneurship
  10. 10. Vital Skill #4: Negotiation  Necessary  Because ideas abound and execution resources are scarce  Win-win  Because without a strong stake your support will fizzle  Ethical  You should be able to look at yourself in the eye before anyone else Shirish Andhare on Intrapreneurship
  11. 11. Vital Skill #5: Execution  Strategic thinking  Because without understanding yourself, the game, and players you will fail  Comprehensive planning  Because planning is the foundation of your vision  Follow up  Because your team will thank you for it  Setting expectations  Because its not the outcome but the surprise that gets people  Doing whatever it takes  Because only you will see the vision at times Shirish Andhare on Intrapreneurship
  12. 12. Even More Important…  Perspective  Self-awareness  Empathy  Global thinking  Discipline  Humor! Shirish Andhare on Intrapreneurship