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Keeping Tenants Happy


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As a landlord, one of the most important things is having long term, reliable tenants. Once you've found trustworthy tenants, you'll want to make sure they're happy and that they stick around. Sandfords reveals how to keep tenants happy always.

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Keeping Tenants Happy

  1. 1. Specialists in Sales, Lettings and acquisition of prime residential property in Central and North West London sandfords Keeping Tenants Happy And How to retain them
  2. 2. Found tenants? Good. Now keep them Photo If you’re a landlord with a Swiss Cottage property to let, or if you have rentals in Hampstead and Belsize Park with tenants in situ, you’ll know that finding people to fill the rooms isn’t a problem. While demand for North West London property to rent is at an all-time high, the emphasis for landlords is now on keeping good tenants. Why it’s important to keep good tenants Landlords with North West London property portfolios need good tenants to protect their assets. Tenants are guardians - if they look after a property they will maintain its value, not devalue it. Well behaved tenants will also cause less trouble and keep landlords out of civil proceedings. With the average tenancy nearly three years in duration*, landlords need peace of mind that tenants are respectful and are abiding by the tenancy agreement.
  3. 3. The competition Keeping good tenants will also become more important as the months pass as there’s set to be a rise in buy-to-let stock. The Government-backed Build to Rent programme promises to deliver thousands of brand new, purpose build properties to rent in Central London - potentially flooding the market. Tenants will have more choice and will be able to shop around, so keeping them on side will become vital to avoid void periods. How to keep tenants happy As North West London lettings agents, Sandfords has managed hundreds of properties on behalf of landlords, working closely with tenants and listening to their grumbles. We’ve collated the top three reasons why tenants become unhappy and look to leave a property. Photo Credit
  4. 4. Top tenant grumbles 1. Lack of contact from the letting agent or landlord 2. Unexpected rent increases 3. Slow response to maintenance issues All three reasons point to a breakdown in communications - emails not being answered, messages not returned and people not picking up the phone in the first place. Here at Sandfords we keep an open dialogue with our tenants and landlords to ensure problems are addressed quickly and professionally. Help from the professionals As we enter a new phase of the private rental market, with increased laws like Right to Rent, landlords might struggle to find the time to nurture tenant relationships. Using a professional property manager is a great way to build and maintain buy- to-let portfolios that are full of happy tenants. If you’d like to know what’s involved in a full property management service, contact North West London letting agents Sandfords for advice. *Allsop in partnership with BDRC
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