The role of social media promotions and film


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The role of social media promotions and film

  1. 1. The Role Of Social Media Promotionsand Film based Gaming in Marketing Kannada Films By: Sandesh M.C Reg #: 112516005
  2. 2. Introduction• The Kannada film industry, on an average produces 120 to 150 films a year.• Downfall in terms of revenues and market share from almost a decade• The overall market size of Kannada film Industry is INR 250 Crores• Average Budget of film 1-2 Cr , marketing budget 10%
  3. 3. Problem Statement and Objective• There is a need for Cost effective Marketing Tools. Online is one unexplored medium, its said a Rupee can travel much longer in Online medium than traditional Objective:• To Understand the role of Social Media Promotion in Promoting Kannada films• To Analyze the Consumer Acceptance of Film based Gaming in marketing Kannada films
  4. 4. Research Design /Methodology Research design:• Exploratory research• Descriptive research Sampling• 130 Digitally active Kannada audience selected through Simple random method Tools used:Data collection: Online survey portal ( analysis: SPSS 17
  5. 5. Literature review• Top three social networks—Facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn• Collectively received more than 2.5 billion visits in the month• Twitter grew by more than 600% in 2011, while Facebook grew by 210% and LinkedIn by 85%• YouTube is likely to serve more than 75 billion video streams to around 375 million unique visitors during 2011
  6. 6. Literature review• Gaming a master engagement tool –Gabe Zürichman• Indian console gaming market growing at Rs 4.9 billion in 2011• India games, utv games, zapak,..etc• A Marketing and Revenue Tool• Social gaming growing monster
  7. 7. Literature review• Success History of Paranormal activity , Hunger games, Ra-one, kony , 2012 , …etc• Scenario in kannada film industry YouTube release of Anna bond, Super, Jackie trailers got 50000 views in 1st week• Gaming was 1st tried with ―Sidlingu‖• What consumer and industry has to say about it???????
  8. 8. Industry view• B.Suresh: (producer, Director)• Small industry cant spend much this new alternative social media will be boon,• Kannada audience are not ready to accept gaming:• Nagashekar: (Actor, director)• Producers have not learnt the need of new age tools . Facebook wall v/s public walls• Gaming could be VAS
  9. 9. Industry view• Guruprasad : (Director , producer)• Producer could save a lot of money on social marketing, its equal to measureable word of mouth• Gaming is separate vertical cinema may loose Entertainment factor• Prashanth raj: (Director, Producer)• I used social marketing for my last two films I was satisfied with ROI• Gaming could be used as engagement tool
  10. 10. Primary Data Collection• Participants: 130• Specifics: Kannada film goers• Location: Karnataka• Survey tool:• Number of questions: 25 questions• 10 question on social media, 10 on gaming• 3 demographics , 2 filter questions• Analysis tool: SPSS 17
  11. 11. Data analysis (4-5 slides)• Reliability Analysis: Reliability Statistics Cronbachs Alpha N of Items .655 35 Figure : # connection people have on Social Figure :Time spent on social network network
  12. 12. Data analysisFigure : observe Film Promotion campaign on Social Figure: Promotion influence decision makingnetwork Figure: Played game till now Figure : If a Game is made on Your Favorite Star
  13. 13. Social marketingFigure : Sharing activity v/s time spent onsocial network Figure : Time spent v/s observe film campaign Figure : Film Community V/S Film Promotion Test Statistics filmcamp Chi-Square 8.981a df 1 Asymp. Sig. .003
  14. 14. Social marketingFigure : Decision to go V/s Film promotion Correlations Chi squareon profile Campgofil filmcamp m campgofilm Filmcamp Pearson 1 .423** Chi-Square .037a Correlation Df 1 Campgofil Pearson .423** 1 m Correlation Asymp. Sig. .847Binomial Test Asymp. Sig. (2- Category N Observed Prop. Test Prop. tailed)campgofilm Group 1 no 55 .51 .50 .923a Group 2 yes 53 .49 Total 108 1.00
  15. 15. Gaming For marketing• Preferred game platform: Pc , Mobile , Play station Respectively• Chi-square analysis: Gameonstar Kannada film Observed N Expected N Residual Observed N Expected N Residual yes i will pay and download 28 36.0 -8.0 Yes 60 53.5 6.5 yes i will download 32 36.0 -4.0 No 47 53.5 -6.5 no 48 36.0 12.0 Total 107 Total 108 Kannada film gameonstar Chi-Square 1.579a 6.222b df 1 2 Asymp. Sig. .209 .045
  16. 16. Findings• Average time spent over social network of the kannada audience 2-4hrs/Day ,• Connection in each profile is 200+. almost all the participants had more than 200 friends on their friends list• Sharing and connecting is most popular activity by most of the audience• On an average kannada audience are members of at least 10 film community.
  17. 17. Findings• Film Campaign over social network has a influence on person’s decisions on film going.• Connections ,film campaign and film community are directly proportional• Film gaming is still unexplored area in Kannada film industry. People are still unaware of the film gaming• People are ready to accept film gaming , but as a revenue it is not a viable option
  18. 18. Conclusion Social media• By general and statistical analysis on the trends of Kannada audience towards social campaigns we have found out that it is very viable to invest a reasonable amount of money on the social media marketing
  19. 19. Conclusion Gaming• Gaming as a revenue stream is not viable , people are still uncertain on the value they get but are ready to download and play. Industry can use this mode for marketing but when comes to money making is not a bright idea .