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W3 c validation


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How to rank your website on google . what are the importance of W3C Validation,

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W3 c validation

  1. 1. 1. W3C Stands for World Wide Web Consortium. 2. It is One of the international Web monitoring Standard Organization . 3. W3c Validation is the process of Checking a website code follow the formatting standers as per W3C. if your planning to create a professional website you should know the reason why w3c validation is important. if you don’t know what is W3C validation or if you fail to validate your web pages then your website will be in problem like to suffering from errors or poor traffic owing. W3C Validation Check your coding error. The validation process involves checking your HTML & CSS code used in web pages to make sure code is well formatted & well structured.
  2. 2. W3C Validation improves usability and functionality because it decrease your errors. The website validation process allows website designers to correct formatting. W3c Validation reduce your website code and improving efficiency so web pages are displaying very fast compared to websites that have not been validated.
  3. 3. Many website Owner do can not take an advantage of w3c Validation so that Affect on Mobile users these users are not able to see your website on mobile device. W3C validation helps us to make our website mobile friendly too. if you want your website to visited by many people then you’re your web should be W3C Validated.
  4. 4. Web Pages that are W3C Validated are easy to Maintain and edit. The validated code used in W3C HTML validation, CSS validation can be recycled for future time.
  5. 5. Because of W3C Validation implemented by World wide web Consortium it measure how well website code is written or formatted in short it measure your web pages structure and Quality of web pages
  6. 6. W3C Validation allows Website owner to improve and simplify code used in web pages that beneficial for search engine optimization search engine spiders which crawl through content of web pages using the code to index websites faster & more effectively.
  7. 7. A Common mistakes of web site coders or Web site owners Coding their web pages with more emphasis which create problems in SEO like to sacrificed the ranking of SEO.