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What comes after choosing your AR wearable?

The developments in the field of AR hardware are having an effect on the type of software we'll be confronted with in the next 10 years. As an individual, and as society. What are the choices we have in this?

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What comes after choosing your AR wearable?

  1. 1. AR glasses or Smartglasses? choices, choices, choices ... # FUTUROTHEQUE
  2. 2. CAMERA Under what conditions will we allow the camera to observe us 24/7?
  3. 3. HUMAN ENHANCEMENT How will we benefit from a pro-active cloud intelligence that is with us 24/7?
  4. 4. CLOUD Is your chosen cloud transparent about the digital twin it's creating about you?
  5. 5. REGULATIONS Is regulation sufficient to protect society from harmful software?
  6. 6. WILL WE BE VULNERABLE? AR glasses aren't -indirectly- influencing us, they can actually trigger us to act and do things
  7. 7. CONFIGURATION Can we expect any citizen to overview and configure their devices? How easy should it be?
  8. 8. INCLUSIVENESS Are areas or venues allowed to require us to wear AR glasses, with a local app installed?
  9. 9. PERFECT Is the aim to create an AI that makes decisions for us exactly like we would make them?
  10. 10. OUR FUTURE? In small steps we're gradually heading towards a radical new society in the next 10 years
  11. 11. IT'S NOT 2030 YET So we can make our choices wisely. But fore mostly, let's make sure we have something to choose # FUTUROTHEQUE