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IAB UK Video Conference 2013 - The Science of Online Video - a new model of measurement


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Video has become a truly exciting force in the digital marketing world; through the growth in internet speed and the proliferation of social platforms, it has evolved from a UGC format to slickly produced branded content, with shares and likes the measurement tools of the day. However, in this new world of high branded content spend, these measurement tools of likes and shares don't tee up so well to give a real understanding of campaign success. Video has for too long relied on metrics derived from display, the online video industry needs an overhaul of measurement and tools taking in emotional impact, purchase intent and brand uplift to produce results that deliver advertisers a meaningful ROI on investment.

Mads Holmen, Planning Director, Be On
Sander Saar, Product Manager, Be On
Mihkel Jaatma, MD Realeyes

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IAB UK Video Conference 2013 - The Science of Online Video - a new model of measurement

  1. 1. Be Emotive IAB Video Conference 2013 2005 Luca Bruno, 2013 Michael Sohn - AP
  2. 2. The 3 pillars in branded content Creation Syndication Measurement t From ads to assets From ad space to news story From exposure to impact
  3. 3. Challenge Creative + Media = ROI
  4. 4. Creative
  5. 5. “ 11x Emotional advertising campaigns are more effective and more profitable than rational campaigns - even in 'rational' categories… ” Source: Gunn Report 2000-2008, IPA more efficient in market share growth The Gunn Report Les Binet & Peter Field, Marketing in the Era of Accountability, 2007
  6. 6. Emotions?
  7. 7. 1800s Darwin The Expression of Emotions in Man and Animals
  8. 8. ! 1960s Ekman Facial Action Coding System (FACS)
  9. 9. 1800s Emotions 1960s Coding 2010s Automated Facial Coding
  10. 10. Demo
  11. 11. EmotionAll® 15” to 5’ content length 20+ categories 30+ countries 1,000+ videos tested
  12. 12. Sample videos exceeding in each category Attraction Hook in 8 seconds Engagement Connect via emotions Retention Keep the audience Impact Kahneman’s Peak-End
  13. 13. Cannes Study Gold 30 Silver 24 246 videos tested Entered 96 Bronze 24 11k people Shortlisted 72 YES shortlist with 75% accuracy! 35k+ viewings
  14. 14. Case study
  15. 15. Minimal negative emotions throughout Confusion is dominant emotion for first 45 secs, lowering attraction Happiness spikes and dominates throughout Happiness drops, but video ends with peak, leaving viewers with strong impact
  16. 16. So Real it’s Scary Emotional Impact This video has very good overall performance. Better than 95% of videos.
  17. 17. Learnings Get attention with a strong spike of surprise and happiness in the first eight seconds. Avoid confusion. Prevent drops and end with a spike for the strongest impact. € Ending with an engagement spike benefits the syndication strategy of publishers with higher play-to-end rates. Syndicate to relevant audiences with the highest engagement. Activate the video across highly engaged UK and US audiences
  18. 18. 30” to 2’ content length 4200+ 3 markets (ES, US & AU) 11 pieces of content panel
  19. 19. Trailer vs Episode Episodes Trailers
  20. 20. Trailer vs Episode Morocco Episode Morocco Trailer 7 > 5 CTR 17% 2x 8.5% SOCIAL ACTIONS (PER 1000 VIEWS) 0.9 3x 0.3 CONTENT ACTIONS (PER 1000 VIEWS) 28 6x 5 IMPACT SCORE
  21. 21. Standard vs. Outstanding Roulette Cambodia IMPACT SCORE 9 > 7 CLICK TO PLAY 7.76% 2x 3.66% AVERAGE VIEW THROUGH 73 % 3x 26% SOCIAL ACTIONS (PER 1000 VIEWS) 12.9 12x 1.1
  22. 22. Consumers love emotional content... 3x higher average view to end % 8x higher click through rate 20x better in converting views into social actions Source: Be On research 100x Quicker in attracting viewers
  23. 23. Media
  24. 24. Unforgettable ad campaigns of 2012 9 out of 10 are videos 1 2 3 6 5 4 7 8 9 10
  25. 25. However many brands are struggling Average total views per video on YouTube for the top 100 global brands 50.3% 50 40 30.3% 30 14.7% 20 3.9% 10 0.6% % < 1k 1k – 10k 10k – 100k Source: Pixability, Top 100 Brands on Youtube, Aug 2013 100k – 1m > 1m
  26. 26. The web is returning from scaleto engagement The web is moving from views to engagement 2008 2010 2013 Views Likes Comments Viewing behaviour Subscribing Twitter shares/likes Facebook shares/likes Google+ share/likes Other shares (LinkedIn, Reddit) No. of embeds/inbound links Authority Source:
  27. 27. Views but no social validation 14m Global views (Across us and Youtube) 4,7k Social actions (On FB, Twitter and g+) 520 Likes + Comments (On Youtube)
  28. 28. Creating social and conversation is key Comparison of video sharing between top and bottom 25% of brands Top 25% 330x greater Bottom 25% Top 25% 89x greater Bottom 25% Source: Pixability, Top 100 Brands on Youtube, Aug 2013
  29. 29. All needs to play in tune to make a global success Facebook Global PR Twitter Internal Comm’s Google+ #Embeds Influencer Outreach Views/ Time Views/Attenti on Editorial outreach Title + Tagging
  30. 30. The first 72 Hours of #lgstagefright 2m+ views Explosion Amplification Launch Counter stops at 301+ views 300k views 1m views Views
  31. 31. Launch Counter stops at 301+ views 300k views Check list Aligned global launch All markets live from same morning PR outreach / Internal coordination Social influencer outreach
  32. 32. Validation points 1m views 300k views Check list Social sharing Reaching one million views +1,000 sites live Break first mainstream media
  33. 33. Doing it right means a lot more than you pay for! 6,1m Global views (+300% earned media) 78k Social actions (On FB, Twitter and g+) 12,5k Likes + Comments (On Youtube) Source: Youtube, Be On, Sharedcount
  34. 34. Results carry through to ROI studies 8pp increase in Brand Recommendation 7pp increase in Purchase Intent 14pp increase in Brand Favourability
  35. 35. Every now and then it all comes together
  36. 36. The effect seems to be long term…
  37. 37. ROI
  38. 38. Video Impact Model Assets Attraction Retention Engagement Impact Emotions + Media Syndication Orchestration Social Response = ROI Engagement metrics Brand metrics Sales Metrics Impact