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Pre-Sulfiding of Catalyst


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This Presentation is about the Pre-Sulfiding of catalyst,which will be done to activate the catalyst through Sulfiding.

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Pre-Sulfiding of Catalyst

  1. 1. I. Where? II. Why? III. What? IV. How?
  2. 2.  Hydrodenitrification.  Hydrodesulfurization.  In conversion of MethlyCycloPentane to Cyclohexane.
  3. 3.  To enhance the activty of catalyst.  To Control the hyperactivity as dealing with fresh or regenerated catalyst when loaded.  It Selectively poisions the active sites that may degrade benzene formation.
  4. 4.  Presulfiding agents: -DMS. -DMDS. -DMSO. -TNPS. -EXACT-S® DMS. -Methane thiol .(Methyl Mercaptan)
  5. 5.  Catalyst is arranged and air(O2) stripped with inert gas.  Dehydrate the Catalyst.(200-250 ⁰F)  Now hydrogen with pressure and startup oil is introduced and allow to soak the catalyst.(250-400 ⁰F) at 50 ⁰F per Hr.  Injection of sulfur spike at 350-400 ⁰F.
  6. 6.  When the temperature of the catalysts bed is increased and maintained at 450 - 500ºF, the sulfur spike decomposes under heat and catalytic action.  Hydrogen reacts with the sulfur spike producing hydrogen sulfide (H2S). Some methane gas is also released as the sulfur spike decomposes.  The presulfiding will be terminated as soon as the catalyst sulfided,this can be know by measuring H2S in oulet stream.
  7. 7.  Continuously measures H2S concentration using dispersive UV-V’s absorbance spectrophotometer  Totally solid state build with no moving parts modern design for low maintenance  Easily multiplexed to analyze sample streams from multiple sampling points simultaneously  Decades of field-proven performance in various catalytic processes, e.g. propane dehydrogenation
  8. 8.  /images/pdfs/literature/205B.pdf  44108152_Pt-Re- SnAl_2O_3_trimetallic_catalysts_for_naphth a_reforming_processes_without_presulfiding _step paper published by V.A.Mazzieri.  http://www.a-a-inc. com/documents/AA_AN015_Monitoring -Catalyst-Presulfiding-Step.pdf