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Aventis sales promotion startegy ppt


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Aventis sales promotion startegy ppt

  1. 1. 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Aventis – Sucessful Sales Promotion Campaign using Connection Cardsʻ ʻ Presented by: Sandeep Mishra Presented to: Prof. Amarjeet Patpatia
  2. 2. Abstract • The caselet describes the steps taken by Aventis Pharmaceuticals Inc. to overcome the new FDA regulations and gain higher recall among oncologists and breast cancer patients. • It provides details on the company’s breast cancer drug Taxotere, the market leader in its segment. • It presents the design and implementation of the ‘Connection Cards’ campaign for Taxotere. • It also throws light on the oncology market and difficulties faced by companies in promoting their brands and provides details about the oncologists and the needs of breast cancer patients.
  3. 3. About Aventis  Aventis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Aventis Inc.) is the wholly-owned US subsidiary of Aventis AG, the pharma division of France-based Aventis S.A, a leading global player in pharmaceutical and agriculture products.  Aventis Pharma Limited, headquartered in Mumbai is a part of Sanofi-Aventis group.  Aventis Pharma Limited was incorporated in May 1956 under the name Hoechst Fedco Pharma Private Limited.  Aventis Inc. has a presence in major therapeutic segments like cardiology, oncology, anti-infectives, arthritis, allergy, and respiratory illnesses.  Ranked 5th in Healthcare generation and 6th in companies involved in pharmaceutical and biotech industry in top 12 pharmaceuticals.
  4. 4. Sales promotions in pharmaceutical marketing A Different Scence There is no media other than social media which is used to create awarness of Pharma products. Objectives of sales promotion: To introduce new product To attract new customers To face the competition effectively To maintain old customers To improve public image of the firm
  5. 5. Aventis Target and Problems The oncology division of Aventis Inc markets Taxotere, a drug launced in 1997 that is used in the treatment of metastatic breast cancer. Target - Oncologists and Nurses An oncologist is a medical doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Some oncologists treat patients with all forms of cancer, and others specialize in only one type of cancer. There are 3 primary types of oncologists.  Medical oncologists - These physicians treat cancer with medications including chemotherapy, and coordinate other types of treatment.  Radiation oncologists - Are physicians who treat cancer with radiation therapy.  Surgical oncologists - Are surgeons who treat cancer with surgical procedures. With lung cancer, these are usually thoracic surgeons who perform lung cancer surgery.
  6. 6. Problems • Due to the drug’s complexity and the sensitivity associated with the disease, Sales representatives of the oncology division needed to give a detailed description about the drug to the oncologists and nurses. • Mostly all Oncologist and Nurses are busy in their work atmosphere due to which appoints are not easily possible. • Tough Competition from Bristol Myers Squibb s Paclitaxel Brand which launcedʻ before Taxotere FDA New Regulation (Food and Drug Administration)  Sales representatives of pharmaceutical companies can only meet doctors at office. .
  7. 7. Aventis decision for Promotional campaign Objectives of Promotional campaign  To help their sales representaive.  To spend more time with oncologists and nurses.  To discuss Ways in which drug and company could help them serve their patients better.  To establish long-term relationship with them “But how could this objectives will acheive”
  8. 8. “Where there's a will there's a way” Research “ To identify the primary concern of oncologist and the breast cancer patients undergoing treatment under the supervision” Results • Oncologist don t have enough time to deal with patients .ʻ • Patients wanted to be in touch with their family and friends during treatment. • Patients wanted to know more about disease. • Aventis got result from past suffering patients who survived. Insights Patients felt an innate need to to stay connected through various means
  9. 9. Connection cards Sales promotion objectives “To improve relationships with oncologist and nurses” “To make patients understand about aventis product” Sales promtion in form of “Connection card” Promoted in form of gift Package includes  Note cards and envelopes.  30 minutes prepaid calling cards  Reference card  Brochure  Taxi coupons for chemotherapy  Coupons for medical wigs
  10. 10. Implementaion • Sales promotion campaign launced in 2000 in US. • October , The national breast cancer awarness month in US. As per Amy.s.Langer  Breast cancer patient needs state of art care  Information to help and make best decisions  Connections to practical and expert resources  The support and comfort of family and friends  Program will offer patients a welcome and meaning ful gift.
  11. 11. Post-sales promotion results “To know effectiveness of promotion company conducted email survey among its sales representatives” Results  It helped to create relationship with oncologist and nurse effectively  60000 connection cards packs made avilable to patients by 150 representative of the company.  Success given oppurtunity to aventis to program it as their regular Feature of Communication mix.
  12. 12. Thank You IBS Mumbai Make Presentation much more fun