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ThoughtCommons - What Is Entrepreneurship?


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Published in: Business
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ThoughtCommons - What Is Entrepreneurship?

  1. 1. Everything around us is made out of carbon
  2. 2. just that it exists in many different forms Raw Material Land Fuel Knowledge Technology People
  3. 3. and comes at a different price 10 per piece Raw Material 1000 per sq. feet 40 per liter Land Fuel 5000 per project 10000 per machine Knowledge Technology 100 per hour People
  4. 4. these are world’s resources
  5. 5. Everyone in the world is hungry
  6. 6. just that people are hungry for different things Food Car Pleasure and and and basics comforts luxury
  7. 7. and are willing to pay different prices too
  8. 8. these are world’s needs
  9. 9. World always need more than its limited resources can provide for
  10. 10. Resources are mixed in different combinations to satisfy different needs Food Car Pleasure
  11. 11. These combinations also sell at different prices! Food Car Pleasure
  12. 12. these are world’s goods and services Food Car Pleasure
  13. 13. the equation is simple
  14. 14. “Satisfying more and more needs with less and less resources by creating innovative combinations is called entrepreneurship.”