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Heavy Duty Dialogue ‘10
                     The Next Decade
    in the Commercial Vehicle Industry

HD Dialogue '10
The Next Decade in the Commercial Vehicle Industry
The Program
7:00 AM       Breakfast

7:55 AM       USMC...
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P og am Speake s

  Howard Abramson       Thomas P.M. Barnett       Robert G. Bohn        ...
Program Speakers

   Linda Longton            Eli Lustgarten         Stuart S. MacKay            Jim Mele              D...
Program Speakers

   Peter Nesvold             Jim O’Neal            Patrick E. Quinn          Juergen Reers         Denn...
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Future of Global Truck Industry


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Sandeep will share the need for recalibrating growth strategies and leveraging advanced truck technologies in a flat-world business ecosystem as we embrace a new decade.

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Future of Global Truck Industry

  1. 1. Heavy Duty Dialogue ‘10 The Next Decade in the Commercial Vehicle Industry Monday, January 18, 2010 The Mirage, Las Vegas
  2. 2. HD Dialogue '10 The Next Decade in the Commercial Vehicle Industry The Program 7:00 AM Breakfast 7:55 AM USMC Honor Guard Opening Comments Tim Kraus, HDMA Bob McKenna, MEMA Denny Michels, Link Manufacturing, Ltd and 2009-2010 HDMA Chairman Great Powers: America and the World Thomas PM Barnett, Enterra Solutions Moderator – Denny Michels, HDMA Chairman 9:45 AM Coffee Break – in back of hall The Global Truck Industry 2020 – A Strategic Assessment Juergen Reers, Roland Berger Stategy Consultants Moderator – Howard Abramson, Transport Topics Publishing Trucking, The Next 10 Years Denny Slagle, North America Truck Clem Driscoll, CJ Driscoll & Associates Sandeep Kar, Frost and Sullivan Moderator – Jim Mele, FleetOwner Magazine NOON Luncheon – Speaker, Derek Kaufman - C3 Network – Megatrends Competing in 2010-2020 Bob Bohn, Oshkosh Corporation Moderator – Dr. Gene Goodson How Wall Street Views the CV Industry Through 2020 Eli Lustgarten, ESL Consultants Bill Strauss, The Chicago Federal Reserve Moderator – Peter Nesvold, Lazard Asset Management 2:45 PM Coffee Break - in back of hall Global Transportation Strategies Jerry Moyes, Swift Transportation Pat Quinn, USXpress Jim O'Neal, O&S Trucking Moderator – Linda Longton, Randall-Reilly Industry Forecast Stu MacKay, MacKay & Company Eric Starks, FTR & Associates Moderator – Kate Miller, Newport Communications 5:15 PM Conference Wrap-up, WHAT WE HEARD AND WHAT WE LEARNED. Denny Michels, HDMA Chairman 5:30 PM All Industry Reception
  3. 3. P rro g rra m S p e a k e rrs P og am Speake s Howard Abramson Thomas P.M. Barnett Robert G. Bohn Clement Driscoll Dr. Gene Goodson Sandeep Kar Derek Kaufman Howard Abramson Clem Driscoll is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and has an MBA from St. John’s University. He is a member of the Editorial Advisory Howard Abramson has run Transport Topics Publishing Group for over 10 Board of GPS World magazine and serves on Advisory Boards of several lead- years. He is Publisher and Editorial Director of the company, which produces ing industry suppliers. He is a noted authority on GPS-based applications for the weekly Transport Topics, the monthly Light & Medium Truck magazine and both commercial and consumer markets and has been quoted in The Wall a family of online products. Abramson is also a Senior Vice President at Street Journal, Business Week, Fortune magazine, USA Today, the L.A. Times American Trucking Associations, which owns Transport Topics. He has and other leading publications. spent most of his professional life in the news industry, coming to Transport Topics from Bloomberg News, where he was National Transportation Editor. Abramson earned a BA in Journalism from the University of Bridgeport in D r. G e n e G o o d s o n Connecticut. Dr. Gene Goodson is the former Chairman and CEO of Oshkosh Corporation. In that position, Dr. Goodson led the company from a single- T h o m a s P. M . B a r n e t t product defense contractor to market leadership in fire trucks and concrete ready-mix equipment. Retiring from Oshkosh in 1998, Dr. Goodson became Thomas P.M. Barnett is a strategic planner who has worked in national secu- an Adjunct Professor at the University of Michigan Business School teaching rity affairs since the end of the Cold War and has operated his own consult- operations management. Dr. Goodson’s paper on Rapid Plant Assessment, ing practice (Barnett Consulting) since 1998. Tom currently serves as Senior published in the May 2002 Harvard Business Review has been well received Managing Director of Enterra Solutions, LLC, a strategic advisory and tech- with many companies adopting this process as a standard tool in their lean nology firm. An award-winning professor, Dr. Barnett has written for Esquire, transformation journey. Wired, Good, National Review, U.S. News & World Report, and the Washington Dr. Goodson graduated from Duke University with a BA in Economics Post. Dr. Barnett is best known as the author of NY Times Best Seller: The and a BS in Mechanical Engineering. He graduated from Purdue University Pentagon's New Map: War and Peace in the Twenty-First Century (2004), with a Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering. Blueprint for Action: A Future Worth Creating (2005), and Great Powers: America and the World after Bush (2009). Dr. Barnett holds a BA (Honors) from the University of Wisconsin in Sandeep Kar Russian Language and Literature and International Relations; an MA in Sandeep Kar is the Global Program Manager of Commercial Vehicle Regional Studies: Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia and a PhD in Research at Frost & Sullivan. He specializes in advanced global commercial Political Science from Harvard University. vehicle technologies and markets with expertise in powertrain, chassis, safety, telematics, hybrid, electric, and regulation compliance technologies. Sandeep Robert G. Bohn leads a global team of analysts and experts in developing innovative growth strategies for client partners. His publications on heavy vehicle engineering, Bohn joined Oshkosh in 1992 as Group Vice President of Manufacturing, dynamics, rollover metrics and prevention strategies have been widely appre- where he oversaw a substantial reduction in manufacturing hours for commer- ciated by academia and industry. He has published technical papers in jour- cial vehicles and reductions of inventory space and cost. Bohn was then nals such as International Journal of Heavy Vehicle Systems. Before pursuing his elected President and Chief Operating Officer 1994 and was named a mem- masters degree, Sandeep worked as an engineer at a leading global truck ber of Oshkosh’s Board of Directors. In 1996, he was appointed President of manufacturing company and as manager-marketing in a leading inter-modal Pierce Manufacturing Inc., the first of Oshkosh Corporation’s 15 acquisitions. transportation company. Sandeep holds a Masters degree in Heavy-truck Bohn led Pierce’s corporate management team. In 1997, Bohn was next Dynamics. appointed CEO of Oshkosh and then Chairman in January 2000. Bohn has extensive experience in growth strategy development and exe- cution, international market development, acquisitions integration, and in Derek Kaufman maximizing operational efficiency. He came to Oshkosh Corporation from Derek Kaufman started his career as a Manufacturing Process Engineer with Johnson Controls European Operations, where he spent considerable time as General Motors. His experience includes Vice President of Product Support a Global Manager. Bohn currently serves on the Board of Directors for for Euclid Inc.; Vice President of Marketing and Product Planning for Menasha Corporation and Carlisle Companies Inc. Freightliner Corporation; Penske Corporation as President of Diesel Technology Company; Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Clement Driscoll Customer Support for Hino Trucks, a Toyota Group company. Clement Driscoll is Founder and President of C.J. Driscoll & Associates. In 1997, Kaufman formed his own company, C3 Network, Inc. which Founded in 1993, C.J. Driscoll & Associates provides consulting and market takes equity positions in start-up companies and manages new product research on GPS and wireless products and services for both commercial and launches. consumer markets. The company’s 2009 Mobile Resource Management Kaufman is on the boards of Reid Tool Supply, Vermeer Manufacturing Systems Market Study is a widely used report covering the status, trends, and and Viking Group, Inc. and serves in advisory positions to Camcraft Inc. and principal U.S. suppliers of GPS fleet management systems, solutions for mon- Combustion Dynamics Corporation. He is also on the Advisory Board of itoring of heavy equipment, and other MRM market segments. C.J. Driscoll Grand Valley State University’s Seidman School of Business in Grand & Associates has also conducted extensive research on fleet operator interest Rapids. and satisfaction with telematic solutions. The company provides strategic and M&A consulting to companies throughout the MRM value chain.
  4. 4. Program Speakers Linda Longton Eli Lustgarten Stuart S. MacKay Jim Mele Dennis J. Michels Kate Miller Jerry Moyes Linda Longton Dennis J. Michels Linda Longton is Senior Vice President of Editorial and Research for Denny Michels is President & CEO of Link Manufacturing, Ltd., based in Randall-Reilly, headquartered in Tuscaloosa, AL. Ms. Longton directs the Sioux Center, Iowa, a manufacturer of cab air suspension systems for trucks, editorial focus and positioning of the company’s trucking and construction liftable suspensions, chassis suspensions for light and medium duty trucks, publications and heads up the company's research efforts. During her tenure, dual tire pressure maintenance systems, cargo management systems and other the company’s trucking portfolio has grown from one magazine – Overdrive -- products. Michels has held this position since 1986. In May, 1996, Denny to include Commercial Carrier Journal, Truck Parts & Service, Successful Dealer, was also name President of Maintainer Corporation of Iowa, Inc., a manufac- Truckers News and Custom Rigs. Longton joined Randall-Reilly in 1995 as turer offering customized, premium-quality mechanics service bodies and Director of Special Projects. She was named Editor of Overdrive magazine in cranes, and lubrication truck bodies used by heavy construction, mining and 1996 and in 1999 was promoted to Editorial Director of the Trucking Media railroads. Group. She has won numerous editorial excellence awards, including five Prior to joining Link Manufacturing and Maintainer, Michels held various Neal Award nominations. positions including President of several Farm Credit System institutions in Iowa, specializing in agricultural lending. Eli Lustgarten Denny is 2010 Chairman of the Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association Eli S. Lustgarten is Senior Vice President at Longbow Securities and Senior and holds a BS degree in Industrial Administration from Iowa State Research Analyst for the Industrial Manufacturing and Technology sector, University in Ames, Iowa. providing independent research of Industrial markets for the investment com- munity. Mr. Lustgarten is also President of ESL Consultants Inc., a consult- Kate Miller ing firm dedicated to assisting trade associations and their members, as well as Twenty-five-year truck industry veteran, Kate Miller is President and Group individual companies, to understand the outlook for their end markets. Publisher of Newport Communications Group, Publisher of Heavy Duty Previously, Mr. Lustgarten was Senior Analyst and Director of Research at Trucking, Heavy Duty Aftermarket Journal and the new RoadStar magazines, as the research boutique start-ups of JB Hanauer and HC Wainwright. Mr. well as web site, Newport's custom publishing services and Lustgarten was also Managing Director of Schroder & Co. Inc. and head of Poster Network Diesel Pump Toppers. Miller received the Automotive the Industrial Manufacturing Group. Before joining Schroders, Mr. Aftermarket Education award in 2009 from Northwood University, and Lustgarten was with Paine Webber for over 20 years responsible for analysis of HDT won ABM’s Grand Neal award, an honor garnered under Miller’s lead- the industrial manufacturing sector. ership as publisher. Mr. Lustgarten is a graduate of the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn Prior to joining Newport Communications, she was President of Blue (New York), the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard Business School. Edge Marketing, Ltd., a full-service marketing communications and public relations firm serving clients in the commercial vehicle and construction Stuart S. MacKay industries. Stu MacKay is president of MacKay & Company, a specialized market Miller serves on Trucker Buddy Board, LA Regional Governor for research and consulting firm established by him in 1968. MacKay & American Business Media, Member of HDAW Promotion Committee, Image Company concentrates the majority of its research and consulting activity in Committee Member for ATA, Member ATA's TMC, Member and Image the truck, heavy equipment, agricultural equipment, engine and parts and Subcommittee Member of TCA, Truck Dealer of the Year administrator for service distribution businesses. American Truck Dealers and past Electronics Board Chair Society of MacKay’s experience includes several sales and marketing positions at Automotive Engineers. Previously, she was editor-in-chief of Equipment Cummins Inc. and on the operations staff of Red Star Express Lines. Today and Technical Editor for OEM Off-Highway magazines at Cygnus MacKay holds an undergraduate degree in Economics from Cornell Publishing, covering both the truck and construction markets. Miller previ- University and a Masters degree in Business Administration from the Amos ously led the training effort for Caterpillar’s truck and marine engine lines, Tuck School of Business Administration at Dartmouth College. and engine lines at Ford Motor Co.’s Dearborn Engine and Gas Tank Division. Jim Mele Nationally recognized journalist, author and editor, Jim Mele joined Fleet Jerry Moyes Owner in 1986 with over a dozen years’ experience covering transportation as Jerry Moyes is Chairman of the Board and CEO of Phoenix-headquartered a newspaper reporter and magazine staff writer. Fleet Owner magazine has won Swift Transportation, a privately-held company he began with a single truck. 30 national editorial awards since his appointment as editor-in-chief in 1999, Founded in 1966, Swift Transportation is the nation’s largest truckload carri- including a Jesse H. Neal award for outstanding business journalism in 2005. er, providing dedicated fleet services to many of the nation’s largest retailers. During the last decade, he also lead the expansion of Fleet Owner into a vari- Moyes was one of the founders of Swift Transportation, and in 1984 he ety of new media, including an extensive news-based web site, e-newsletters became Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President of the and educational webinars, and is currently working on Penton Media’s trans- company. Swift Transportation has developed into one of the most successful formation to a web-first publishing environment. truckload carriers in the United States, having grown its operating revenue Mele holds a Masters degree in Creative Writing from City College of from $33 million in 1985 to over $3.3 billion in 2008. New York and has authored four collections of poetry and a book on the sci- A graduate of Weber State College, Moyes has served as Vice President of ence fiction of Isaac Asimov, as well a numerous essays, reviews and critical the American Trucking Association and as President of the Arizona Motor studies for national magazines and anthologies. Transport Association.
  5. 5. Program Speakers Peter Nesvold Jim O’Neal Patrick E. Quinn Juergen Reers Dennis R. Slagle Eric Starks William A. Strauss Peter Nesvold worked for a broad variety of clients in all major regions, including vehicle manufacturers, component suppliers and service providers. Peter Nesvold is a Senior Vice President with Lazard Asset Management in New York. The firm, with origins dating back to 1848, manages more than $100 billion globally on behalf of institutional and private clients. Dennis R. Slagle Previous to Lazard, Peter made his mark as a Senior Analyst covering the Dennis R. Slagle became President and Chief Executive Officer of North automotive and transportation sectors in the equity research department of American Trucks on Nov. 1, 2009. North American Trucks is the Volvo Bear Stearns. At Bear, his dual passions for investing and transportation- Group business area responsible for the operations of Mack Trucks, Inc. and related industries were recognized both internally and externally: Peter was Volvo Trucks North America. promoted to partner in less than six years, the fastest in department history, Immediately prior to his current assignment, Mr. Slagle was President and and was named to the “Best Analysts” lists of Forbes, Starmine, and Zacks. CEO of Mack, a position he continues to hold. Peter earned a BA in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania and Prior to joining Mack on April 1, 2008, Mr. Slagle was President and a J.D. from Fordham Law School, where he was Editor-in-Chief of his law CEO of Volvo Construction Equipment North America, headquartered in journal and graduated cum laude and Order of the Coif. Peter is also a CFA Asheville, NC. He has more than 25 years of experience in the North and a CPA, and co-authored two corporate finance texts for McGraw-Hill. American construction equipment industry, including serving as president of L.B. Smith, Inc., Volvo Construction Equipment’s largest North American Jim O’Neal dealer at the time. Mr. Slagle earned his BS degree from West Virginia Wesleyan College. Jim O’Neal began a freight brokerage operation in 1981 with an old desk, one phone and a chair. In the years that followed, O & S Trucking, Inc. was founded and has grown into a full service truckload carrier with a tractor fleet Eric Starks of 350 tractors and 750 trailers handling temperature-controlled freight. The Eric Starks is President of FTR Associates, the industry leader in freight company currently generates approximately $80 million annually in revenue. transportation forecasting for over 20 years. Eric has spent his entire career Attributing this success to an open-book management style and practic- in the freight transportation sector and is a leading researcher in freight ing The Golden Rule, Jim established an employee-ownership program in modal share analysis and forecasting. His background includes research in 2000 providing O&S associates ownership and a stake in the business. Since both rail and truck freight movements and asset equipment purchases. He its inception in 2000 through 2007, O & S’s ESOP has earned a 400% currently is one of the premier industry forecasters on transportation equip- increase in stock value—of which 30% is in the employee trust. ment demand for rail cars, commercial trucks and trailers. Eric is a frequent speaker at Wall Street analyst meetings, association Patrick E. Quinn events, and private meetings. He has a unique ability in communicating to his audiences how the economy, logistics, freight, and equipment demand Patrick E. Quinn, Co-Chairman of U.S. Xpress Enterprises, Inc. has spent his impacts their respective business. Eric holds a BS in Finance from Indiana entire professional career in the motor carrier industry. Mr. Quinn and Max University. L. Fuller formed U.S. Xpress, Inc. in 1985 and is now the third largest pri- vately-owned truckload carrier in the US. In 2004, U.S. Xpress achieved $1 billion in annual revenue and the Company was named the For-Hire Fleet of William A. Strauss the Year by Fleet Owner magazine. William A. Strauss is a Senior Economist and Economic Advisor in the Prior to forming U.S. Xpress, Quinn practiced law as a partner in the firm research department at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, which he of Nelson and Harding; worked for Southwest Equipment Rental, Inc. as Vice joined in 1982. His chief responsibilities include analyzing the current per- President and General Counsel and named Executive Vice President and formance of both the Midwest economy and the manufacturing sector for use General Manager prior to leaving to form U.S. Xpress. in monetary policy. He also produces the monthly Chicago Fed Midwest A native of Nebraska, Mr. Quinn received a BA degree from the Manufacturing Index, organizes the Bank’s Economic Outlook Symposium University of Nebraska in 1968 and a J. D. degree from the University of and Auto Outlook Symposium. He also conducts several economic work- Nebraska College Of Law in 1971. shops and industrial roundtables throughout the year. Mr. Strauss earned a B.A. in economics and geography from the State Juergen Reers University of New York at Buffalo, and an M.A. in economics from Northwestern University. Juergen Reers is a partner at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants and Managing Partner of Roland Berger’s North American operations, including the Chicago, Detroit and New York offices. His areas of practice include automotive, consumer goods, engineered products, energy/utilities and trans- portation. Reers is a member of the Management Team of Roland Berger’s Global Automotive Industry Practice and heads the North American Automotive Practice of the firm. Prior to his career in consulting, Juergen worked for GEHL, a manufactur- er of agricultural and construction equipment. He has extensive experience in corporate and business strategy, marketing & sales, product development and restructuring. In the commercial vehicle and truck industry, Reers has
  6. 6. 2010 Sponsors 10 Laboratory Drive Research Triangle Park, NC 27709