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Parvathy hospital


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A study on Parvathy Hospital, Chennai on Service Quality parameters in terms of Service Blueprint, Service Standards & Service Scaping

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Parvathy hospital

  2. 2. “Every second is a life saving moment” <br />ParvathyHospital truly matches the expectations and their Motto.<br />Our visit to the hospital brought us closer to the operational issues involved in such a service. The striking points were the culture and the commitment of each employee towards it.<br />
  4. 4. Physical Eveidence<br />Furniture<br />Medical Instruments<br />Computer<br />Furniture<br />Registration Desk <br />Notepad<br />14 Ambulances parked throughout the city<br />Stretchers/ wheelchairs <br />Customer<br />Patient taken straight to the casualty ward<br />Patient is stabilized<br />Accident<br />Contact Person<br />(Back stage) (On Stage)<br />Patient Coordinator takes the info from the attendant<br />Initial treatment is given<br />Nurse provides First Aid<br />2 boys always waiting at gate<br />In house doctors makes provisional diagonosis<br />Police is informed in case of Medico- legal case and an accident record is created<br />Support Process<br />A digital file for the patient is created using Wipro’s His lite<br />Admission discharge team collates all the info<br />
  5. 5. Physical Eveidence<br />Furniture<br />Medical Instruments<br />Test Samples<br />Furniture<br />Medical Instruments<br />Operation Theatre<br />Customer<br />Patient is taken to operation theatre <br />Patient is taken to lab for tests<br />Admitted/ ICU/ free to go<br />Contact Person<br />(Back stage) (On Stage)<br />Plaster or a Surgery performed <br />Admission team shares costs estimates and collects info about insurance etc<br />Staff collects samples<br />Dr. directs to concerned lab<br />Dr. makes final diagonosis and makes investagtions<br />Dr. calls Specialists if required for 2nd opinion<br />KKT official are contacted in case of short-fall in funds<br />Support Process<br />Staff conducts mentioned tests<br />Test results sent to concerned doctor<br />A digital file for the patient is updated using Wipro’s His lite<br />
  6. 6. Physical Eveidence<br />Furniture<br />Medical Instruments<br />Bathrooms<br />Customer<br />Patient is taken to wards<br />Patient is discharged<br />Contact Person<br />(Back stage) (On Stage)<br />Nursing stations<br />Nurse prepares progress report<br />Support Process<br />A digital file for the patient is updated using Wipro’s His lite<br />
  9. 9. SERVICE SCAPE<br />
  10. 10. FACILITY EXTERIOR<br />Exterior Design:Not attractive / impressive. Lacks feel of a super specialty hospital.<br />Signage: Way finding signage not prominent. Hospital name not noticeable.<br />Parking: Adequate parking area for outside vehicles and ambulances. Small parking area.<br />Landscape and Surrounding Environment: Situated on GST Highway. Clean environment.<br />
  11. 11. Interior Design: Clean and Spacious. Bright colors used. Gives feel of a luxury hotel.<br />FACILITYINTERIOR<br />Equipment:Modern Hi-Tech Equipment used. IOT first and only one in India.<br />Signage:All departments and wards are named. Clear directions are given.<br />Layout: Some parts still under expansion. Overall Layout is apt.<br />Air Quality/ Temperature:Fresh Air. Suitable AC temperature.<br />Waiting Area:Small. Congested. AC’s not working. Doesn’t give a good feel about the hospital.<br />Patient Wards:General ward and Special ward – Clean, bright curtains and beds.<br />
  12. 12. OTHER TANGIBLES<br />Uniforms:Staff and nurses in appropriate uniform with identity cards<br />Reports/ Stationary: Documents maintained. All data is filed and computerized.<br />Website: Comprehensive info available. Some areas still under construction.<br />Billing Statements: Proper printed bills and prescriptions given to patients.<br />Brochures: Attractive brochures highlighting modern facilities, equipment and services.<br />
  13. 13. ThankYou<br />We would like to thank Mr. R. Srinivasan(COO, Parvathy Hospital) for giving us an opportunity and their time for our project at Parvathy Hospital.<br />Special Thanks to:<br />Mr. P. Shanmugapiriyan (H R Manager)<br />Mr. DhandapaniGanesan (VP, Marketing)<br />