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LIFE OF A DOCTOR,TEAM WORK AND BEYOND ORTHOPAEDICS,Dr.Sandeep Agrawal,Agrasen Fracture Orthopaedic Hospital ,Gondia,India


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Life of a doctor,Team Work and beyond Orthopaedics
Dr.Sandeep Agrawal,
Agrasen Fracture Orthopaedic Hospital,

Published in: Health & Medicine

LIFE OF A DOCTOR,TEAM WORK AND BEYOND ORTHOPAEDICS,Dr.Sandeep Agrawal,Agrasen Fracture Orthopaedic Hospital ,Gondia,India

  2. 2. A Good Life-Then A stable job A great dowry-cash, house, motorcycle A Brown envelop …cut ( for some people ) An easy life---esp. for family A lot of money A good social statue
  3. 3. A Bad Life-Now? Decrease income-fight with Cut practise No more Brown envelop Decreased social statue Less patient”s faith on doctor Window shopping Fight legal dispute Change of life style- Quality of life issue Consumer Protection Act Clinical Establishment Act No more drug money for wine and dine Renal transplant done
  4. 4. WHAT CAN WE DO? Awareness Advocate Education Excellence Team Work Medical policy
  5. 5. The Oath of Hippocrates I swear by Apollo Physician, by Asclepius, by Health, by Panacea and by all the Gods and Goddess, making them my witness, that I will carry out, according to my ability and judgment, this oath and this indenture. ---------- ---I will use treatment to help the sick according to my ability and judgment, but never with a view to injury and wrongdoing. Neither will I administer a poison to anybody when asked to do so,------------------
  6. 6. Many moons ago What a wonderful feeling I have whole world
  7. 7. Who knows what happened to him? Administrator? Business Man ? Educator? An Orthopaedician?
  8. 8. Six Competencies of Residency by ACGME (2003) 1) Patient care 2) Medical knowledge 3) Professionalism 4) Practice based learning and improvement 5) Interpersonal and communication skills 6) System based practice
  9. 9. IOM Core Competencies Health Professions Education: A bridge to Quality (2003) 1) Provide patient-centered care 2) Work in interdisciplinary teams 3) Employ evidence-based practice 4) Apply quality improvement 5) Utilize informatics
  10. 10. Qualities of a Physician  Patient welfare paramount  Honest but not yes man  Reliable  Stability from day to day
  11. 11. Qualities of a Physician  Responsible  Pride and Humility  Recognizes own limitation  Interested in people  Has interests other than medicine
  12. 12. .Positive Attitude .High Emotional Intelligence 12
  13. 13. Some bad features of a Doctor;  Stubborn  Inhumane  Rigid  Not considerate  “God” like
  14. 14. A GOOD DOCTOR The Product of Brain x Heart x Hands
  15. 15. Keep your mind open Be observant, anything surrounds you could be interesting, there is beauty anywhere, Even in adverse condition, you may find something be enjoyable
  16. 16. My life time MBBS, MS,DNB LTMGH,Sion,Mumbai KBBH,Mumbai Stuttgart,Germany Paris,France CGMH,Taiwan SGH,Singapore Agrasen hospital,Gondia,India
  17. 17. My life time Taiwan is the one I stayed the longest, It is the place where; I developed my professional career, I matured in my think process, I nurtured my relationship But, India is always in my mind
  18. 18. Rediscover blue sky in Taipei
  19. 19. Time to fulfill my dream
  20. 20. 20 Welcome Dinnner Cadaveric Workshop Research Lab Dr.Mel Lee
  21. 21. 21
  22. 22. 22
  23. 23. Dr.Binu Agrawal We married for 10 years, we had a wonderful life Together till now. We have a boy May God give you... For every storm, a rainbow, For every tear, a smile, For every care, a promise, And an answer for each prayer.
  24. 24. So, what do we need? Competitive Ability Social Harmony Ecological Balance Human dignity Quality of personal life
  26. 26. The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing that you will make one
  27. 27. Act ! “Stop thinking in terms of limitations and start thinking in terms of possibilities”
  28. 28. Secret of life 1 : Love what you are doing, and enjoy your job.
  29. 29. Secret of life 2 If you cease to enjoy your work, it is time to change or retire
  30. 30. Secret Of Life 3: Be Happy in all situations 31
  31. 31. Love your profession and work. God gives this opportunity to very few. We are LUCKY…
  32. 32. 12 E CARE” • 2nd HALF 1st HALF 9 3 6 10 11 8 7 1 2 4 5
  33. 33. Expand Beyond Orthopedics Orthopedics • More interesting life • Better for your family • Better orthopedist • Greater contribution • Better example for Dr.Sandeep Agrawal,Agrasen Hospital,Gondia India residents
  34. 34. Before Orthopaedic Multitalented Helps ranking Dr.Sandeep Agrawal,Agrasen Hospital,Gondia India
  35. 35. The Narrowing Multitalented Doctors funneled into a box Medical school Residency Practice Dr.Sandeep Agrawal,Agrasen Hospital,Gondia India
  36. 36. Living in a box Home Hospital Dr.Sandeep Agrawal,Agrasen Hospital,Gondia India Clinic
  37. 37. Life in the box Meet expectations? • Happiness • Money • Altruism • Achievement Dr.Sandeep Agrawal,Agrasen Hospital,Gondia India British Medical Journal 1999
  38. 38. Life in the box • Happiness • Money • Altruism • Achievement Happiness most affected by marriage, job and health Dr.Sandeep Agrawal,Agrasen Hospital,Gondia India
  39. 39. Dr.Sandeep Agrawal,Agrasen Hospital,Gondia India 40
  40. 40. Life in the box • Happiness • Money • Altruism • Achievement $300,000 range Appropriate Unique lifetime income Dr.Sandeep Agrawal,Agrasen Hospital,Gondia India
  41. 41. Life in the box Income proportional to workload Don’t forgot how to "make" life while busy with making money !!!! Money in itself is not evil; it provides food for the hungry, medicine for the sick, clothes for the needy. Money is only a medium of exchange. We need two kinds of education: a) One that teaches us how to make a living b) One that teaches us how to live. Dr.Sandeep Agrawal,Agrasen Hospital,Gondia India
  42. 42. Life in the box • Happiness • Money • Altruism • Achievement Robbins Lecture by Richard Layard > $100,000 year doesn’t increase happiness Dr.Sandeep Agrawal,Agrasen Hospital,Gondia India
  43. 43. Altruism • Volunteer – serve overseas • Start a non-profit organization Must leave the box •Happiness • Money • Altruism • Achievement Dr.Sandeep Agrawal,Agrasen Hospital,Gondia India
  44. 44. Volunteer Health Volunteers Overseas Orthopedics Overseas Dr.Sandeep Agrawal,Agrasen Hospital,Gondia India
  45. 45. Volunteer Kaye Wilkins Haiti Dr.Sandeep Agrawal,Agrasen Hospital,Gondia India
  46. 46. Volunteer Jim Gage Ecuador Dr.Sandeep Agrawal,Agrasen Hospital,Gondia India
  47. 47. Norgrove and Anne Penny Dr.Sandeep Agrawal,Agrasen Hospital,Gondia India family – Uganda... • Higher quality family life • Children as project helpers • Exposure to different cultures Take your family Penny family
  48. 48. Achievement • Happiness • Money • Altruism • Achievement Consider leaving the box • Start a research project • Accept challenges • Take a sabbatical Dr.Sandeep Agrawal,Agrasen Hospital,Gondia India
  49. 49. Start a research project Everything can be Interesting – even Gonorrhea 1961 Frankfurt, Germany 1961 USAF Assignment: 1. Chief of Pediatrics 2. Venereal Disease Control Officer JAMA: first report: 2.4m IM penicillin Dr.Sandeep Agrawal,Agrasen Hospital,Gondia India
  50. 50. Start a research project Everything can be Interesting – even torsion and flatfeet Dr.Sandeep Agrawal,Agrasen Hospital,Gondia India 1987 1985
  51. 51. Start a research project Dr.Sandeep Agrawal,Agrasen Hospital,Gondia India New York Times Everything can be Interesting – even children’s shoes 1991 Pediatrics
  52. 52. Dr.Sandeep Agrawal,Agrasen Hospital,Gondia India 53
  53. 53. Dr.Sandeep Agrawal,Agrasen Hospital,Gondia India 54
  54. 54. Physician’s public health responsibility “One of the first duties of the physician is to educate the masses…” Sir William Osler 1849-1919 Dr.Sandeep Agrawal,Agrasen Hospital,Gondia India
  55. 55. Dr.Sandeep Agrawal,Agrasen Hospital,Gondia India 56 Educating Students
  56. 56. Flying adds perspective How important does your box look from 5000 feet? Dr.Sandeep Agrawal,Agrasen Hospital,Gondia India
  57. 57. Help orthopedics… Example – living a good life • Live out of a box • Reasonable working hours • Interesting and varied life • Balanced salary and freedom Never neglect our family, health and social responsibilities. If asked why we do this, we would reply that "We are doing it for our family". Yet, our kids are sleeping when we leave home. They are sleeping when we come back home!! Twenty years later, we’ll turn back, and they’ll all be gone, to pursue their own dreams and their own lives. Dr.Sandeep Agrawal,Agrasen Hospital,Gondia India
  58. 58. I Was Dying • First i was dying to finish Twelth class and enter Medical • And then i was dying to finish MBBS and start MS • Then i was dying to finish MS and do Marriage • Then i was dying for my child to grow enough and then dying to retire • And now i am dying …and suddenly i realise i forgot to live….. • So THINK AND ACT NOW….. 59
  59. 59. TEAM WORK : SUCCESS MATRIX 60 1.Aim for the sky! 2.Be fair and have empathy 3.Start slow, consolidate, expand. 4.“Be prepared to loose battle and win the war” COURTESY:Dr.Bagaria Nagpur
  60. 60. TEAM WORK 61 Balancing academics, ethics & economics Innovation & Research gets leg up Group Practice models proving to be efficient & cost effective Surgeon reported quality of life & happiness index Optimising cost to the patient & increasing profits
  61. 61. Team work - Ground Rules 62
  62. 62. Team Work - Systems 63
  63. 63. Making it happen Key – making time Dr.Sandeep Agrawal,Agrasen Hospital,Gondia India
  64. 64. Making time • Move closer to work? • Smaller home? • Fewer committees? • Fewer patients? Exchange income for time/freedom? Dr.Sandeep Agrawal,Agrasen Hospital,Gondia India
  65. 65. Making it happen Make a list of the things you would do if you had a year off Start by doing the first item of the list Dr.Sandeep Agrawal,Agrasen Hospital,Gondia India
  66. 66. Dr.Sandeep Agrawal,Agrasen Hospital,Gondia India
  67. 67. "ह ाँ, मैंएक ड क्टर ह ाँ" मुझेभगव न न समझो श यद मैैैै हकद र नह , मगर एक इ स न ह ाँ, इससेतुम्हेंभी इन्क र नह जब तुम िैज दगी मेंमस्त थे, मैंिैकत बों मेंव्यस्त थ , तुम्ह रेघर जश्न थ , मैंअस्पत ल मेंमगन थ , तुम पररव र स ग त्योह रों की खुिैशय ाँमन रहेथे, मेर म ाँऔर मैं, द र-द र द येजल रहेथे, िैबन न म ज त धममप छे, येह थ मदद को बढेहैं, त्यौह र हो, रववव र हो, िैदन हो य र त हो, फिर भी खडेहैं. िैिर तुम्हेंकोई हक नह बनत , मुझ पर ह थ उठ नेक , अपनी दोहर म नससकत , क यरत , मुझ पर थोप के ज नेक . तुम्हेंदुननय ाँमेंल नेव ल म ाँथी, स ग मैं भी खड थ , तुम्ह र िैज दगी और मौत मेंबीच में, ज नेिैकतनी ब र अड थ . हक के िैलयेिैचल्ल य तो अभद्र, थक गय तो गुनहग र, िीस म ाँगी तो ल लची, अस्पत ल खोल तो व्य प र. पत्थर प जनेव लेदोहरेसम ज, मैंभी एक ज न ह ाँ,ह ाँ, मैंएक ड क्टर ह ाँ, मगर पहलेएक इ स न ह ाँ. 68 Message to Media and General Public
  68. 68. ।खुश ह । िज दगी हैछोट , हर पल मेंखुश ह क म मेंखुश ह , आर म मेंखुश ह आज पनीर नह , द ल मेंह खुश ह आज ग डी नह , पैदल ह खुश ह दोस्तों क स थ नह , अकेल ह खुश ह आज कोई न र ज है, उसके इस अ द ज सेह खुश ह िजस को देख नह सकत , उसकी आव ज सेह खुश ह िजसको प नह सकत , उसको सोच कर ह खुश ह बीत हुआ कल ज चुक है, उसकी मीठी य द मेंह खुश ह आनेव लेकल क पत नह , इ तज र मेंह खुश ह ह सत हुआ बीत रह हैपल, आज मेंह खुश ह िज दगी हैछोट , हर पल मेंखुश ह अगर ददल को छुआ, तो जव ब देन वरन बबन जव ब के भी खुश ह । रुई क गद्द बेच कर, मैंनेइक दर खर द ल । ख्व दहशों को कुछ कम फकय मैंने, 69 और ख़ुशी खर द ल । Satisfaction . सबनेख़र द सोन , मैनेइक सुई खर द ल , सपनो को बुननेिजतनी, डोर ख़र द ल । . इस ज़म नेसेसौद कर, एक िज़न्दगी खर द ल , ददनों को बेच और, श मेंखर द ल ।
  69. 69. 70 Without water, a ship cannot move. The ship needs water, but if the water gets into the ship, the ship will face existential problems. What was once a means of living for the ship will now become a means of destruction. Similarly we live in a time where earning is a necessity but let not the earning enter our hearts, for what was once a means of living will surely become a means of destruction for us as well. So take a moment and ask yourself………. Has the water entered my ship ? I hope Not !!!!! • कई जीत ब की हैं कई ह र ब की हैं अभी तो िज दगी क स र ब की है य ह सेचलेहैंनयी मिज़ल के सलए येएक पन्न थ अभी तो फकत ब ब की है...!!!"
  70. 70. DISCLAIMER 71 .This presentation is prepared for doctors in general. . Some graphics and jpeg files are taken from Google Image and Whatsapp • If there is any objection/or copyright violation, please inform drsandeep123@• It is intended for use only by the doctors. . Views expressed in this presentation are personal. • .For any confusion please contact the sole author for clarification. • Every body is allowed to copy or download and use the material best suited There is no financial involvement. • For any correction or suggestion please contact