Diversity workbook


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Delegates Workbook For Diversity Training Module.

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Diversity workbook

  1. 1. Valuing and Managing Diversity For Better Working DELEGATE WORKBOOK Training and Development: Module Presentation Course Instructor: Dr.S.N. RaghavendraVenue:MHD,Campus Trainer :MD SandeepBIM,TrichyIf we cannot now end our differences, at least we can help make theworld safe for diversity.John F. Kennedy
  2. 2. Let’s start..!!Similar Persons: Differences SimilaritiesDifferent Persons: Differences Similarities
  3. 3. Diversity Dimensions:Inner Circle: Primary Dimensions Outer Circle: Secondary DimensionsList out some of the Secondary dimensions which are not in the circle:______________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ______________________________
  4. 4. Behavior Basics:Behavior basics are those words or behaviors that are not in themselves illegalbut when combined can create an atmosphere of BIAS.  Expecting women to take notes and handle food arrangements.  Expecting men to carry things and move furniture. Can you state some of the similar issues? 1. ______________________________________________________ 2. ______________________________________________________ 3. ______________________________________________________ 4. ______________________________________________________ 5. ______________________________________________________Collusion is defined as cooperation with others, knowingly, or unknowingly toreinforce stereotypic attitudes, prevailing behaviors and norms. Share any of your experience which you were part of collusion or you fate of collusion______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  5. 5. Managing Diversity Action PlanMy important which I commit to working towards is______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Benefits I will gain from managing diversity______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Perceptions about managing diversity that I will make an effort tochange______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Skills for managing diversity that I will work to develop in myself:______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  6. 6. Ways I will create an environment that values diversity in mydepartment______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Resources I will use to continue to learn about managing diversity______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Let’s make healthier work places, All the Best!!
  7. 7. Valuing Diversity Self AssessmentRate yourself openly and honestly on a scale of 1 to 5 for each item.1. I understand the companys diversity goals. 123452. I regularly assess my strengths and weaknesses in the area ofdiversity, and I consciously try to improve myself. 123453. Im always asking questions. Im curious about new thingsand people. 123454. When I dont understand what someone says, Iask for clarification. 123455. Im committed to respecting all co-workers, customers,and vendors. 123456. Iwork willingly and cooperatively with people different from me. 123457. I recognize how bonding with my own group may exclude,or be perceived as excluding others. 123458. I can communicate with and influence people who are differentfrom me in positive ways. 123459. Im interested in the ideas of people who dont think as I do,and I respect their opinions even when I disagree. 1234510. Some of my friends are different from me in age, race,background, etc. 1234511. I recognize Im a product of my background; my way isntthe only way. 1234512. Im aware of my prejudices and consciously try to control myassumptions about people. 1234513. I try to help others understand my differences. 1234514. I work to make sure that people who are different from me areheard and are respected. 12345Total by column ___________
  8. 8. 15. I help others succeed by sharing unwritten rules and showingthem how to function better. 1234516. I apologize when Ive offended someone. 1234517. I resist the temptation to make another group the scapegoatwhen something goes wrong. 1234518. I think of the impact of my comments and actions beforeI speak or act. 1234519. I refrain from repeating rumors that reinforce prejudice or bias. 1234520. I recognize and avoid using language that reinforces stereotypes. 1234521. I include people different from me in informal networks and events. 1234522. I believe and convey that nontraditional employees are as skilledand competent as others. 1234523. I get to know people as individuals who are different from me. 1234524. I turn over responsibility to people who are different from me asOften as I do to people who are like me. 1234525. I disregard physical characteristics when interacting with othersand when making decisions about competence or ability. 1234526. I avoid generalizing the behaviors or attitudes of one individualto an entire group. 12345(e.g., All men are ... ," All Telugu people are ... ,"etc)27. I say "I think thats inappropriate" when I think someone is makinga derogatory comment or joke. 1234528. I recognize that others may stereotype me, and I try to overcomeIncorrect assumptions that they may make. 12345Total score _________Total by column _________