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Gaurav Juyal @ Ibex Colony School

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Gaurav Juyal @ Ibex Colony School

  1. 1. Innocence at Government Primary School, Ibex Colony, Leh,One of the many students made happy by Gaurav Juyal’s visit.
  2. 2. Gaurav getting to know his students.
  3. 3. Hard at work, explaining the concept, demonstrating the technique and getting everyone to participate.
  4. 4. Everyone is engrossed, no idlers. Creative juices are overflowing.
  5. 5. While everyone is engrossed, Gaurav takes the time to capture for posterity the product of the creativity he helped inspire.
  6. 6. Envious onlookers. Students of other grades who were not able to participate are there in spirit, looking in through the window.
  7. 7. The end product, proof thatit is imagination that results in all creation. Students had been asked topick a rock and imagine what could be made of it. After drawing it on a paper, the form was translated onto a rock. Look at the result.
  8. 8. Happy campers, one and all - students as well as teachers.
  9. 9. The main protagonists. Teachers Dolma, Diskit and Phunsok with Gaurav Juyal.
  10. 10. The full team Gaurav with the teachers, representative from Village Education Committee, Payal and Sandeep Mahajan
  11. 11. Another session at District Institute of of Education and Training (DIET) HQ, Leh and attended by many students and teachers