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Vera Bradley


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Case study

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Vera Bradley

  1. 1. Vera Bradley Omni Channel Spring Getaway 2014 britton marketing & design group For the Vera Bradley Spring 2014 marketing campaign, we created an all-platform solution to sell new product colors and styles. We were challenged to showcase the products in a relevant, spirited, young-at-heart way while bridging the gap between Vera Bradley’s older and younger target customers. We engaged each customer by communicating with her via all marketing channels — creating a seamless, cohesive experience.
  2. 2. spring getaway 2014 Vera Bradley Spring Getaway 2014 Catalog End Results: Retailer sell-through and consumer response exceeded client projections. Let’s go! Planning and designing the Vera Bradley Spring Getaway 2014 catalog was a fun challenge. Vera Bradley’s goal was tell two spring getaway stories that would resonate with both of it’s target customers. To achieve this, we carefully selected our internal team, outside partners, destination location and products to create two spring vacay narratives that would provide relaxation and an escape from everyday life. The first narrative was created for the mature Vera Bradley customer, age 30 to 60, and featured a classy assortment of vacation must-haves.Vera Bradley Omni Channel Spring Getaway 2014 britton marketing & design group
  3. 3. ©2013VeraBradleyDesigns,Inc.Retailpricesmayvarydependingonstorelocation. Please visit to find your nearest Vera Bradley Store. New colors & styles arrive February 6 & Customer Service: (888) 855-8372 Connect with us! Vera Bradley Spring Getaway 2014 Catalog The second story focused on the younger Vera Bradley customer, age 16 to 28. What’s top of mind for her even before winter starts to thaw? Warm breezes, blue skies, sand and sun — in short, SPRING BREAK! She is excitedly planning her trip with the girls, looking forward to hanging out by the pool and the beach. We featured lots of products that will make her trip colorful and convenient and might even have her friends talking about Vera Bradley, not boys! Vera Bradley Omni Channel Spring Getaway 2014 britton marketing & design group
  4. 4. Vera Bradley Omni Channel Spring Getaway 2014 • britton marketing & design group Vera Bradley Accessories Mailer Launching a new line of jewelry and accessories just in time for Valentine’s Day, Vera Bradley wanted to hint at perfect gifts for this special occasion while offering everyday-purchase inspiration. Our catalog shoot location was an ideal backdrop for a spring-fling with a romantic date and the perfect accessory. Offeravailable January30–February14 orseeastoreassociateforcompletedetails. CustomerService:(888)855-8372 Retailpricesmayvarydependingonstorelocation. ©2013VeraBradleyDesigns,Inc. Connectwithus! New Sleek & Chic Wallet $38 New Heart Charm Bracelet $28 both in Clementine always a good call C’mon, let’s get carried away. above: New Sweetheart Hybrid Hardshell Case for iPhone 5/5s in Clementine $38 New Headwrap in Julep Tulip $16 below: Wristlet in Julep Tulip $34 Pushlock Wristlet in Clementine $42 Zip Zip Wristlet in Blue Bayou $36 New Heart Charm Bracelet in Blue Bayou and Clementine $28 Shop our full line of accessories at Pretty little ways to start your spring fling clockwise from top: Wristlet in Julep Tulip $34 New Amanda Readers in Julep Tulip (with complimentary case) $28 New Pattern Play Accordion Wallet in Clementine $42 In a Snap Card Case in Blue Bayou $18 Double Eye in Citron $22 Ball Point Pen in Heather, Clementine and Tutti Frutti $19 each New Heart Keychain in Clementine $15 New Soft Fringe Scarf in Julep Tulip $38 on cover: New Heart Drop Earrings in Blue Bayou $24 New Braided Chain Bracelet in Julep Tulip $38 New Beaded Bracelet in Blue Bayou $28 Braided Charm Bracelet in Plum Crazy and Heather $22 Colorful Hair Elastics (set of 8) in Julep Tulip $8 New Heart Necklace in Blue Bayou $28 New Wrap Bracelet in Blue Bayou $38 Visit for scarf-tying inspiration.
  5. 5. Vera Bradley Website To engage both customer targets, we presented Vera Bradley with a website redesign that leverages the season’s photography and integrates social media into their traditional ecommerce platform. Vera Bradley Omni Channel Spring Getaway 2014 britton marketing & design group
  6. 6. Vera Bradley Seasonal Email Maximizing ROI means planning and creating content that can be used across all platforms and media. The Vera Bradley seasonal emails were part of our holistic marketing plan. Vera Bradley Omni Channel Spring Getaway 2014 britton marketing & design group
  7. 7. Vera Bradley Spring 2014 National Ad Being relevant to our customers means planning our marketing efforts around her and meeting her where she’s at. Our national ad in in Style magazine was planned into our location shoot to ensure a cohesive brand experience for the season, while targeting our younger demographic. Vera Bradley Omni Channel Spring Getaway 2014 britton marketing & design group
  8. 8. Vera Bradley Spring 2014 Billboard We chose to target the younger demographic with this playful billboard, recognizing her on-the-go spirit.
  9. 9. Vera Bradley Spring 2014 In-store Signage In the store, Vera Bradley fans enjoy interacting with the season’s new colors and styles. We’ve created a seamless, cohesive experience for her at each touch-point and inspired her to take advantage of everything Spring 2014 has to offer. Let’s go!