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Basics of hair coloring from the experts


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Coloring your hair is a great way to add a pinch of glamour to your look and style! Don’t be nervous if it’s your first time as we share some hair coloring tips to make your first-time-coloring-experience a success!

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Basics of hair coloring from the experts

  1. 1. Basics of Hair Coloring from the Experts!
  2. 2. Coloring your hair is a great way to add a pinch of glamour to your look and style! Don’t be nervous if it’s your first time as we share some hair coloring tips to make your first-time-coloring- experience a success! There are many color & style options available in the market, and you might get confused and wonder how can you get the desired color & look? And if you don’t want to end up feeling regretful with the final results, it is very important to have a proper communication with your hair colorist before he/she starts the treatment! Here is some basic information about coloring types or styles that will help you a lot while explaining what exactly you are expecting from your hair colorist.
  3. 3. Semi-permanent Color • A semi-permanent color darkens your tresses • It will gradually fade to a translucent stain • The roots must be maintained properly to avoid a mismatched look • Semi-permanent is the least damaging process of hair coloring Demi-permanent Color • A great way to hide any gray hair • The roots must be touched after every 7–8 weeks or as advised by your hair colorist Permanent Color • Makes your tresses darker or a few shades lighter • Can also be used for gray coverage • Lasts until hair grows out • The roots must be touched up regularly
  4. 4. Glossing • This involves dying your tresses with a semi-permanent color for a short time in order to darken them slightly or to change the original tonality like, changing a golden blonde to golden brown or some other color • If you want shiny hair without altering the color, you can go for a clear glossing Highlights • This involves the use of a hair lightening semi-permanent color • Highlights are great for gray coverage • A regular touch-up to the roots is important Lowlights It is same as highlights. The only difference is that this involves the use of demi- permanent or permanent hair color to darken sections of faded or lightened hair Balayage • A lightener is used onto some pieces of hair to give emphasis to the layers & lines of a haircut or hairstyle • The color will grow out over time
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