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Where to Purchase a Vacation Home


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Where to Purchase a Vacation Home

  1. 1. Where to Purchase a Vacation HomeSearching for the best place toget a vacation home is not awalk in the park. It sure is avery difficult task getting thatreally comfortable place inparadise where one does not have to sacrifice the modernamenities back home, where nature seems undefiled andeverything is pure paradise.All these things and more are found in Sanctuary Belize – acommunity that lies in the Southern Region of Belize, in an areacalled the Stann Creek District. The place is one of the mostpreserved and protected places in Belize where the ancientMayan tribes can be found living nearby in the Toledo District.Thinking about the perfect vacation home is easy but how aboutturning it into reality? Rest assured, the development team inSanctuary Belize is one of Belize real estate’s finest homebuilders. You can easily have a vacation home or a second homethat is good enough to be featured in an architectural magazine!You will see that the homes here are created with only the besteco-friendly materials. A glimpse at the blue print will make yourealize that the house was designed with sublime craftsmanship.
  2. 2. Aside from that, you can also choose your location in paradise.Perhaps you like it near the beach or in one of the scenic placesin the community where your backyard could even be a wildlifereserve. You don’t have to leave the community if you want torefill your fridge since the Marina Village is the center foreverything. You can get your fly fishing equipment andgroceries in one go.Get to relax in one of the resorts and spas available within thecommunity that is exclusively for the homeowners and theirguests. Be able to stay in their cabana style huts and luxuriousrooms while enjoying the world-class resort. If that’s notenough, try visiting their wildlife reserve in order to get to knowthe different animals taking refuge in the safe surroundings ofthe Cocksomb Basin Wildlife Reserve. You can even gocamping with the family or friends there.Explore wonderful locations by traveling on a horse. Theequestrian center provides you anexperience to remember and see the environment on a muchhigher perspective. This way you can easily see and spot birdsand other animals, also see much further.There are more places to explore in Belize. And not only that,
  3. 3. foreigners can own land here outright. Moreover, there are nocapital gains to worry about. This is one of the places expatriatesand retirees really want to live in and the prices are quitefriendly to the pocket. Splurging on something grandiose doesnot have to leave you penniless.There are many financial options available for people to acquiretheir dream home in paradise.Sanctuary Belize is one of the rising communities in the countrythat’s attracting a lot of people from across the globe. Be one ofthe first to avail of a majestic home in one of the most reputableCaribbean paradise in Central America.