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Thinking of getting_belize_real_estate_and_vac


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Published in: Business, Real Estate
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Thinking of getting_belize_real_estate_and_vac

  1. 1. Thinking of getting Belize Real Estateand vacation homeIn these times of economic struggle,people should really be thinking aboutthe future and investing on somethinglike Belize real estate properties since thepace of our economy is that of a slug. Italso means that prices of Belize realestateproperties won’t be changing for some time, therefore, while the prices are lowerthan before, now is the time to strike while the iron is hot.The Belize real estate market has one of the most appreciated properties around theglobe and has the highest appreciation rate around Central America, attracting vacationhome buyers, expatriates and retirees into purchasing properties because of thewonderful offers and what the country has.Although Belize may be just a third world country and was under the British rule for aconsiderable amount of time, the country has flourished through tourism and otherprograms to promote their country. The Qualified Retired Person program attractsretirees from all over the world aged at least 45 to apply. Being an approved QRP
  2. 2. applicant means you are exempted from certain taxes and can live a comfortable life inthis paradise despite your not-so-grand means. The requirements of the program aren’teven that hard to fulfill.For those who seek a wonderful vacation home, Belize can truly provide them with agrand home for the holidays with quite affordable prices. You won’t even believe howaffordable they are! Homes here are grander but relatively cheaper than what you mighthave to pay in your home country.The environment here is spectacular with its preserved natural beauty and protectedanimal habitats. Living here even for a short period of time can truly make youappreciate the beauty of untouched nature together with the endangered animals livingin harmony with the locals.Belize real estate properties are one of the best things you can invest on. Yourvacation home today can turn out to be your retirement home in the future. Vacationhomes prove to be quite a necessity these days because of all the work-related stress weencounter in our daily lives. That is why going to a vacation home somewhere issomething to look forward to during the holidays or when you just need to escape fromit all. This will help us refresh our senses and relieve us of our stress in order to get backto work feeling a whole lot better. Keeping our heads cool can save us and keep us sane.
  3. 3. Belize is a very beautiful place that is home to beautiful beaches, rich rainforests,hospitable English speaking locals and is a place where every activity you can think of ispossible.You can try your hand in scuba diving here if that is your thing or if you want to pick itup as a new hobby. Wild river rafting and kayaking are also available.These activities and more are available. And if you purchase a home in Sanctuary Belize,you will definitely be in paradise.