The Best Communities in the Belize Real Estate Market


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The Best Communities in the Belize Real Estate Market

  1. 1. The Best Communities in the Belize Real Estate MarketHomes in communities are the bestpurchase anyone can make,especially when looking for homesoutside their own country. And in thecountry of Belize, despite its lowpopulation, it is always best to live in awonderful community where living in astrange place can be made fun andexciting.There are many communities in Belizewhere one may choose to live in or purchase their own Belize real estate home.People who are looking for retirement homes or expatriates looking for homes to livein permanently often choose to live in communities that match their lifestyle. A modestlifestyle in Belize is not hard to attain. Most locals here enjoy a decent and modestlifestyle in small towns outside the capital city.It doesn’t exactly matter what sort of lifestyle you want to lead here since the people ofthis country are a diverse mix of natives and foreigners. You can live whatever styleyou want and no one would ever bother you in any way.The most popular communities here when it comes to simple living can be found inseveral towns such as in Placencia and Corozal. The town of Corozal has moreexpatriates and retirees inhabiting the place because of the simple convenience itgives. Though it may be far from the capital city, the supplies can be taken from thenext town of Chetumal, which is past the border of Mexico. A fishing town is alsonearby where people can try fishing for their dinner. One can find simple pleasureshere, and the locals are so friendly and accommodating that expats and retirees neverfeel as though they’re outsiders. Expats have even started their own businesses here,so expect a rather lively town to live in filled with a mix of people from different cornersof the world.However, when it comes to luxury, sublime comfort and convenience, try taking a lookat Sanctuary Belize. Although there may be other communities found in the town ofSan Pedro, nothing will compare to the convenience found in Sanctuary Belize. Youneed not ride a boat to get to the town where you would be purchasing your Belizereal estate property. Driving from the capital city is enough to reach this community ofpure natural beauty with gorgeous homes fit for a prince.Imagine a place where healthy greenery is everywhere and animals abound. Thehomes available on sale here are similar to those one can find in Home & Living or inother architectural magazines. They are homes with intricate designs and functionalityto provide the ultimate paradise living.Amenities here include the Marina Village, a place where one can experience thetaste of Belizean cuisine served on a silver platter and shop to fulfill your heart’s
  2. 2. desires.The community has their own beautiful beach shores where one can even have ahome built on, and these are as pristine as they can be.The Equestrian Center, yacht club, the resort and spa are simply among the amenitiesone can enjoy when living in this community.Are you ready to move to Belize?