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The Belize Real Estate property rates


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The Belize Real Estate property rates

  1. 1. The Belize Real Estate property ratesRates and prices are great factors when it comes to purchasing real estate propertiesanywhere around the world. It doesn’t say much about Belize real estate, except forthe fact that this is the most affordable properties in Central America.Just like the other Caribbean places in Central America, Belize exudes breathtakingsceneries and tranquil surroundings that attract a lot of foreigners into investing intothese lands. A lot of people aren’t afraid to live in this land because of the beauty itpossesses and the locals here are always hospitable and are generally nice.Belize real estate property rates are also something that attracted a lot of people. Believeit or not, the rates of homes here are a whole lot lower than what you would see in yourhome country. People who couldn’t afford a vacation home in their home country haveeasily managed to own one here without even paying half of what they would back towhere they were.
  2. 2. Belize is still considered to be a developing nation and its currency is tightly tied to theeconomic value of the US dollars, having the ratio of 2 is to 1 meaning $2 Belizeandollars is equivalent to $1 US dollar. That is why it’s popularly known that homes here inBelize are twice as grand but hitting only half the price, people can get it really big in thiscorner of the world.Retirees are one of the luckiest to benefit from the low rates of Belize real estate sinceaside from that, they can also enjoy other perks if they apply to the Qualified RetiredPerson program and get approved. Being exempt from taxes and having a quickapproval of citizenship are one of the wonders being a QRP can bring you. They alsohave the advantage of including their spouse and dependents in the said programs.Dependents here are those 21 years and below or those who are enrolled in Universities.The requirements for the said program are very minimal and can easily be fulfilled.Even luxury home have rates that are significantly lower if you’re to compare it to whatyou will find in your home country, especially if you just want a home in one of thetowns in the country.However, though homes in communities may be quite higher than those found in theoutskirts of the city, homes in communities such as Sanctuary Belize are packed withamenities that will definitely give you a life of paradise with the convenience of urbanliving without the annoying noise and pollution.Aside from breathtaking homes here, the community provides the residents wit top ofthe class amenities such as the private resort and spa, for superb pampering andrelaxation exclusive to residents alone the hotel guests from the five boutique hotels inthe area.If its supplies and dining you are worried about then the Marina Village will answer yourwoes. Shop to your heart’s desire in this spectacle floating on water with several
  3. 3. establishments and dine in the finest restaurants across the land. These and more in thiswonderful community with low home rates.