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Low rate vacation homes in belize real estate


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Low rate vacation homes in belize real estate

  1. 1. The economical standing of the world hasn’t been looking well the past fewyears and unfortunately people are forced to scrimp on a tight budget and sothose people dreaming of a wonderful vacation home in the Caribbean havegiven up and thrown their dreams to the gutters because of the evident increasein oil and food. It is a fact alarming but there’s actually a way to get thevacation home of your dreams at a very affordable rate!You don’t have to forget having the luxury of having a vacation home offshore,Belize real estate can be the solution to your woes. Belize is undeniably still adeveloping country and was only given independence from the hands of theBritish Empire some decades ago and is considered to be a baby country tryingto make it through the world, but this baby country proves to be quite abeautiful country and is one of the emerging top favorite destination by touristsacross the globe.Its economy is tightly tied to the US and its currency is pegged to the dollarswith a ratio of 2:1, which means that $1 US dollar is equivalent to 2 Belizeandollars. Also the standard of living here is rather low and one can live a life ofcomfort here at a very low cost. Expatriates have taken advantage of thisopportunity and decided to live in the country in comfort that they probablycan’t attain back in their home countries with higher standards of living.Retirees find it easier to live here and more conveniently since people wantingto retire in this country get to have the benefits of being exempt from taxes andenjoy government incentives. The Qualified Retired Person program givesapproved applicants the convenience of being a citizen faster. Retirees can eveninclude their independents and spouse with the program, this is simply ones ofthe incentives available and there are more. Expatriates, once they have reached
  2. 2. the retiring age can also apply for the program in the future.A vacation home in Belize can serve as a very good investment since it can be aretirement home someday and can even be passed down to generation. On theother hand, since the country does not have any Capital Gains tax selling avacation home in the future wouldn’t be much of a problem. Having the highestappreciation rate in Central America, Belize real estate proves to be a verygood investment option.Communities such as Sanctuary Belize are also within reach, they havefinancial options for interested buyers. Homes here are the grandest homes inthe land, bearing the most breathtaking landscapes and the best amenities, livinghere is simply the most wonderful experience possible in Belize.Live in the groves with the tranquil rustling of the leaves and scurrying of littleanimals or live along the beach shore with the cool sea breeze and rolling of thecrystal blue waves. Having a vacation home here is truly magnificent yetaffordable.