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Investing on a Vacation Home in a Belize Real Estate Property


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Investing on a Vacation Home in a Belize Real Estate Property

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Investing on a Vacation Home in a Belize Real Estate Property

  1. 1. Investing on a Vacation Home in a Belize Real Estate PropertyEveryone wants a vacation home somewhere in Central America, especially in thecountry of Belize. That is why investing on Belize real estate property is a very goodidea. If you are retiring and looking for a place to spend the rest of your days thenthis is the last stop of your search.There is no need to go on searching since the place you are looking for is right herein Belize! There is community located in the southern region of the country is calledSanctuary Belize, where it is known for its wonderful natural environment and awhole lot of surprises waiting in just about every corner of the place!The Belize real estate industry has its hopes up for Sanctuary Belize, giving peoplethe chance to have their own luxurious homes in the country. Retirees will definitelymake the right choice when investing in a Belize real estate property since not onlywill the property have a very good value in the future, retirees will have the privilegeto enroll themselves in the Qualified Retired Person program where they can beexempted from taxes and have extra perks. The requirements aren’t that difficult toaccomplish and people who are at least aged 45 can easily apply for the program ifthey wish.A piece of good news for expatriates and retirees would be the fact that Belize realestate properties have the highest appreciation rate in the world and it is consideredto be a very good investment. If in case you would wish to sell your property in thefuture, it will be rather lighter on the shoulders since there is no capital gains tax.
  2. 2. Even when purchasing properties, taxes aren’t that much of a burden in this lovelycountry.If ever you have invested on a vacation home in Sanctuary Belize then you can fullyenjoy the services and amenities they offer. The community has private resorts andspas for hotel guests and residents that are available for recreational activities if thebeautiful beach isn’t enough for you. The Marina Village serves as the focal point ofthe community where residents can shop and go gourmet dining in one of the finestrestaurants in the country.When investing in Sanctuary Belize, you don’t just invest in homes. You get to investon the things that make a luxurious life worth living. At such an affordable rate, yourhome will be created and built by only the best developers and contractors in theland. If you have your own architect, they would be more than willing to have himaboard in the creating and building process of your dream home.The surroundings are proof of Mother Nature’s abundance. Pure paradise andnatural beauty will surround your home here and you are definitely closer to all thewonderful activities you can do such as scuba diving in the Great Blue hole or evenexploring the ancient pyramids of the Mayan tribe that still stand up to this day.Your property investment will surely take you further than just owning a luxurioushome.