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Get your Belize real estate and retirement home now


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You can even have your own private caye for that ultimate retirement haven. Discover your haven here in Sanctuary Belize.

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Get your Belize real estate and retirement home now

  1. 1. Planning your retirement but don’t knowwhere to spend it yet? Well, there is noother place to take it other than thetropical Caribbean paradise that isBelize. Why Belize you ask? As you mayknow, Belize has their Qualified RetiredPerson program that gives incentives tothose who wish to retire in the country.Incentives include taking your spouseand dependents along, being exemptedfrom taxes among others. Dependents are those who are 21years and below. And if ever they have exceeded that age, theyneed to be enrolled to a university in order to be considered as adependent.If you want to import a car tax free then apply for the QRPprogram. The requirements are minimal and relatively easy toaccomplish. You can even retire as early as the age of 45! Youcan easily gain citizenship once your application has beenapproved, eliminating the need to stay in a neighboring countryfor months while waiting for your citizenship to be processed.Taking it easy in Belize is absolutely a necessity. This country iswell-known for its wonderful surroundings and pristine whitebeaches, making Belize real estate properties a goodinvestment.
  2. 2. A lot of people consider buying a vacation home here since theylove frequenting the place annually, especially during holidayswhen everyone just simply wants to relax and relieve stress inthe most wonderful way. People who buy vacation homes in thiscountry also consider retiring here in the future. They can easilyturn their vacation home into a retirement home when the timecomes and even pass it down to their grandchildren.Purchasing a Belize real estate property is also rather easy sincethe process of purchasing and the title transferring system is thesame as how the British process it. Taxes won’t be that heavysince they only require little to no tax at all.Sanctuary Belize is the leading community and the most sought-after location in Belize because of its proximity to a lot of placesincluding the capital city, the ancient pyramids of the Maya tribeand other exciting places of activity such as scuba diving,snorkeling, kayaking, wild river rafting and so much more.There are a lot of exciting activities that one can do when livingin Sanctuary Belize. But if you prefer a rather quiet activity thatis both enjoyable and relaxing then why not try fly fishing? Thissport has been gaining a following and is quite enjoyable,especially for those who love relaxing activities. On the otherhand you can also try birdwatching. Yearly, there are hundredsof migratory birds that come here, making the number of birdsyou can discover be quite astounding.Wonders such as this can happen in your own backyard. The
  3. 3. first ever jaguar reserve also sits next to the community, so ifyou feel like seeing jaguars or volunteering then feel free to goto the place.Retiring here truly has a lot surprises so get your retirementhome here now.