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Expatriate living in_belize_real_estate

  1. 1. Expatriate Living in Belize Real EstateThey said if you there is a place whereyou could start a new life and leaveeverything behind, the place wouldalways be Belize. Amazingly, I wasboggled by the idea since I noticed a lotof people are considering Belize forvacations and the next place to live in.Even the retirees are joining thebandwagon of living in that country in Central America.I was surprised to discover that Belize was truly a beautiful place to behold. Suchluscious rain forests with majestic trees stand proud and rooted firmly on the ground.The white beaches always pristine and bearing the eternally crystal blue waters thatglimmer in the sun while the cool wind blows.The country has a vast forest that is home to not only the rarest and most exotic ofplants but also for animals that have now been disappearing around the world whilesome of them can only be witnessed in these lands.A lot of expatriates have lived comfortably in this corner of the world o beauty andserenity. Living in the city and even in the town located along the outskirts of the citieswhile some preferred the life on the beach, or as close as possible to it.Belize real estate is popular for its affordability. Indeed, one can purchase a home fargrander yet cheaper in this place than in their respective home countries. Retirees havealso considered the place because of the amazing program the government has. The
  2. 2. Qualified Retired Person program gives incentives to those who wish to retire in Belizeand once approved, being a citizen can easily achieved and the imposed taxes removed.The age requirement for the program is at least 45. Some expats who haven’t reachedthat age yet can easily apply once they have come to that certain age. Buying a vacationhome or an expatriate home here is definitely a great investment since you can alwaysretire here when the time comes. Better yet you can also include your spouse anddependents with the program.There are a lot of surprises waiting an expatriate here. Adventures such as scuba diving,mountain climbing and others can easily be done in these parts especially if one lives inSanctuary Belize real estate. A luxurious community in the southern region of thecountry where a lot of places and things are within reach such as the Great Blue Hole,Belize barrier reef and even the majestic ancient pyramids of the Mayan tribe.The community also has 5 boutique hotels and a private resort and spa for its guests andresidents. A lot of expatriates live in this community for it exudes such elegance that isfriendly in the pockets. One does not have to be extremely rich in order to purchase ahome here.The community knew very well that the economy hasn’t looked any better since thecrisis but they know very well that people still need to be able to live the life they wantdespite any circumstances therefore there are financial options available for those whowish to purchase.