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Belize Real Estate - Sanctuary Belize, Your Home in Paradise


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Endless foliage of greenery and roads that lead to surprises await you in the land of Sanctuary Belize.

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Belize Real Estate - Sanctuary Belize, Your Home in Paradise

  1. 1. Belize Real Estate - Sanctuary Belize, Your Home in ParadiseEndless foliage of greenery and roads that lead to surprises await you in the land of SanctuaryBelize. A home built with only the best eco-friendly materials and aesthetic values that matchyour impeccable taste, a comfortable home that will welcome you when you arrive in Belize fora wonderful vacation or to live the rest of your days in pure tranquility and beauty. Sounds greatright?If you’re planning on purchasing a piece of the best Belize real estate property then there is noother place to get one than in Sanctuary Belize. Located in the most ideal place in the StannCreek District, this community is considered to be paradise within paradise. Bearing an abundantenvironment of natural beauty for the people to appreciate, the community is simply the bestplace to live in both by residents and even exotic animals.Live in the midst of majestic trees or even on the beach shore where the beckoning waves gentlyroll and the cool sea breeze blow. You can definitely experience this in Sanctuary Belize.It is a wonderful experience to have a home here, especially during the holiday seasons or when
  2. 2. your home country is definitely getting cold. You can go here to escape winter and just go backto your home country when it’s over. The temperature here is always comfortable at around 80degrees Fahrenheit. Looking forward for a vacation in the Caribbean during the winter season isalways better than freezing in the cold winter days.The community here has amenities that provide extraordinary tropical living for its residents.The private resort and spa will pamper you with the most luxurious and extravagant services.You can also get to stay in one of their famous cabana-style huts or choose among the 32 luxuryrooms.The Marina Village is one of the most integral parts of the community that you will find veryuseful since you can shop for everything you may need at home and even have a gourmet meal inone of the fancy restaurants in the community. Next to it would be a place beneficial for boatlovers. The yacht club is located in the Sapodilla Lagoon where every yachtsman’s desire can befulfilled, also with the help of the finest seafood restaurant in Belize.Perhaps a walk can be good exercise, but roaming around and exploring the area would be easierwhile mounted on a horse. With the help of the community’s Equestrian Center, you can nowenjoy rediscovering new things in the community without breaking a sweat. Sitting between theSittee River Wildlife Reserve and the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Reserve, you can follow thebridle paths laid out and appreciate nature in a new angle.You can even do volunteer work in any of the reserves mentioned, which practically where yourbackyard is, so lending a hand can also be a new experience that can also make you understandyour surroundings better.Imagine a life of comfort with adventures simply waiting around the corner. That is how yourlife could be in Sanctuary Belize, Belize real estate .