Belize Real Estate Homes for Retirees


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Belize Real Estate Homes for Retirees

  1. 1. Belize Real Estate Homes for RetireesRetiring in Belize must be one of the best things that you can invest on for the future ornow, if you are of the right age. Having to start a life in a different land can be quite anadventure and a great way to kick-start it. Imagine a peaceful and tranquil life in one ofthe most abundant natural environments in the world, where endangered animals andexotic plants can be found.Retiring in Belize means looking for a place to stay and live in. Renting won’t do sinceinvesting on a Belize real estate property is highly recommended. There are a lot ofpeople who are very interested in investing on a Belize real estate property since it hasthe highest appreciation rate to date that would definitely reap profits in the future. Youcan even pass it on to your children in the future, making it a very ideal property topurchase.Moreover, retiring in Belize has a lot of benefits. Retirees who applied for the QualifiedRetired Person program will have incentives such as tax exemptions and the inclusion oftheir spouse and dependents in the program. The requirements for the program are very
  2. 2. minimal that even a 45 year old can apply for. You don’t have to go beyond the age of 60in order to qualify. The minimum age for the retirement program is 45 and otherrequirements are very easy to fulfill and submit. This will also give you a quicker processon your Belize citizenship.Live a life of serenity here with affordable Belize real estate properties. Asking a realestate agent can help and would definitely make your life easier or you can check what’son sale online first. You don’t have to spare too much money of you simply want adecent home. There are a lot of available homes for sale in several parts of Belize. If youwant a place where expats and retirees live in their own communities, head north in thetown of Corozal. This town is one of the most popular places for foreigners to live in. It isonly a few hours drive from the city, and is near a fishing town and the town ofChetumal in Mexico.If you want to live a luxurious retired life at a reasonable rate then go down south in theprestigious community of Sanctuary Belize where the most wonderful, eco-friendlyhomes can be found. Intricately designed, homes here are one of the most sought-afterproperties in the country because of the beauty and elegance it exudes.Residents enjoy the convenience and comfort the community provides with the bestamenities found in the country. With a vast land area, you can explore it while riding ahorse, perfect for those who have weak knees but would still like to tour the vicinity.This is simply one of the amenities available. You can find out what the others are if youget the chance to take a look at Sanctuary Belize.