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Belize real estate_Belize Real Estate: A Guide to the Places to Visita_guide_to_the_places_to_v


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Belize is on the top of the list of the world’s best tourist destinations. No wonder a lot of people are really flocking to the country. Annually

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Belize real estate_Belize Real Estate: A Guide to the Places to Visita_guide_to_the_places_to_v

  1. 1. Belize Real Estate: A Guide to the Places to VisitBelize is a truly diverse tropical paradise.Here in Belize, you can see CentralAmerican culture mix with the carefreeatmosphere of a Caribbean islandparadise. It is said that there are moremonkeys and iguanas in Belize thanthere are humans. The flora and fauna inthe country is amazing. Settling in Belizeis truly an extraordinary experience and is something you should think about.To help you with your stay here in Belize, we listed amazing places you should see andvisit.Real Estate Belize: Places to Visit # 1 Crooked Tree Wildlife SanctuaryThe Crooked Tree Wildlife sanctuary is the best place to go to if you are an animal lover,especially if you are a bird watching enthusiast. The Crooked Tree Wildlife has a chain ofinland waterways that cover the Northern Lagoon which spans a vast 3,000 acres ofland. You can travel and navigate through the Crooked Tree Wildlife sanctuary viacanoe. Here you can see iguanas, crocs and even coatis and mating turtles. The best andmost popular “visitors” in Crooked Tree Wildlife sanctuary are the Jabiru storks, whichonly come rarely—on the months of November and May.
  2. 2. Real Estate Belize: Places to Visit # 2 Hummingbird HighwayThe Belmopan is the place where Hummingbird Highway runs. This is said to be themost scenic rod in Belize and cuts 54 miles or 90 kilometers. This is the southeast partand it goes and passes the Maya Mountains to a place called Dangriga. TheHummingbird Highway passes by interesting places like Five Blue Lake and the BlueHole which are natural parks. If you are going to use Hummingbird Highway, maketime for these two places.Real Estate Belize: Places to Visit # 3 St. Herman’s Blue HoleSt. Herman’s Blue Hole is a natural park and is less than an hour away from Belmopan.The St. Herman’s Blue Hole natural park covers around 550 acres of lush tropicalrainforest.This is a pretty cool site because in the St. Herman’s Blue Hole, you will find aturquoise-colored natural swimming hole. Imagine dipping in warm and clear waters,experiencing nature at its finest.Real Estate Belize: Places to Visit # 4 Ambergris CayeThis is the queen of all cayes and one of the richest towns in Belize. There are 5,000islands in Ambergris Caye and they all very well protected. They say that the highest
  3. 3. literacy rate in Belize is found in this area and because the people are well-educated,they are very well aware of the environmental repercussions that can happen if they donot protect the the surrounding environment. The main town in this prime real estateland is called San Pedro.