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Belize Real Estate -The Buzz on Sanctuary Belize Homes


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When looking at Belize real estate properties, a few fact finding activities should be done.

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Belize Real Estate -The Buzz on Sanctuary Belize Homes

  1. 1. Apparently, a lot ofpeople are talkingabout a community inBelize where it wouldbe grand to get aplace for any purpose such as vacations or evenpermanent residency if one wishes to retire ormove to Belize for good.What puzzles me is these people are willing toinvest on such homes that look terribly beautifulso they must cost a fortune! I wondered in theback of my head if they could truly afford sucha luxury.The wonder changed to surprise when Idiscovered online that Belize real estateproperties are rather affordable than the rest ofthe neighboring Caribbean countries. I supposeyou can call it one of the advantages attached to
  2. 2. developing countries. The Belizean dollar ispegged to the US dollar at the ratio of 2:1,which pretty much means that $2 Belizeandollars is equivalent to $1 US dollar.It could also mean that the economy of Belize ispretty much on that level. However, a piece ofBelize real estate property has one of the mostappreciated real estate values in the market. Aninvestment here would definitely yield a hugeprofit in the future.Aside from the most beautiful sceneries andbreathtaking locations that this community has,they also have amenities that everyone woulddefinitely fancy and enjoy. Imagine a placewhere you can enjoy the beauty andmagnificence of the beach and also enjoy beingpampered like royalty in one of the privateresorts and spas. This amenity is exclusive onlyfor the community’s residents and the hotelguests.
  3. 3. The community houses five boutique hotels thatdiffer in themes depending on their locations.After pampering yourself in one of their spas,you can also try your hand in exploring the landby riding a horse if you don’t think you wouldget tired of walking the 14,000-acre land of purebeauty. The Equestrian Center helps residentsappreciate nature in a different perspective.Also bringing a bit of the urban convenience istheir Marina village, serving as the center of thecommunity. Residents can shop and dine in thisplace that is considered to be the central hub ofthe community. Dine and taste the finestcuisines of Belize in one of the gourmetrestaurants in the country, while at the sametime be able to shop all you want without everleaving the community.Just next to the Marina Village would be the
  4. 4. yacht club, which offers services for boatowners such as repairs and having theequipment necessary while also having the bestseafood restaurant by the port available. Theyacht club is in the Sapodilla Lagoon found inthe community.Aside from beautifully made homes, Idiscovered that the community also has privatecayes for sale for those who wish to have a littlebit more of privacy and have their own islandoff the coast of the community shores.The great thing about Sanctuary Belize is theyoffer financial options for those who are on abudget but still wish to purchase their dreamhome.