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Belize Real Estate: My Belize Experience of Finding A Home


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Belize Real Estate: My Belize Experience of Finding A Home

  1. 1. Belize Real Estate: My Belize Experience of Finding A HomeI have decided that I want to live andsettle in Belize. I feel that I deserve toretire in this island and get away fromthe bustle of city life. All I want to do islive simply and fully and it is the reasonwhy I have chosen to pack my bags andmove into the city. As you need to know Ihave been living in a North AmericanCountry and have been working as acorporate slave.Of course do not get me wrong I love working for my company and I think that theyhave treated me well as much as I have given my best.But i want to retire at 50 which is why I have chosen to work hard and save even harder.This way when I reach this age I can just live in an island of my choice and settle there. Ihave chosen a Belize real estate because I believe that it is a place where there are nocold winter and the weather is always welcoming just like the people.I also like real estate Belize and choose it as the destination for my home because of thelow cost of living and affordable homes I can choose from. Before choosing a belizereal estate what I did was take a conference which is called Live and Invest in Belizeconference. It is helo somewhere in the south mainland coast of the island.Sanctuary Belize and we have been doing talk for the past 6 months. As I have learnedthe company owns a whopping and impressive 14,000 acres of land. What is moreimpressive is that with that 14,000 owned land the developer will put residence in only
  2. 2. 4,000 acres. With the residence there will be commercial areas as well.This is a great feature because I do not think i can support a developer that does not goeco development and sustainable development as their platform of choice. Eco living isreally important to me because as I have said I have been living city life most of my lifeand I really want to settle somewhere where I can be surrounded by natural things andbe one with nature.With the company you can choose to have residences near the river or find the mappingand be close to the commercial area. If your dream is to put up a cafe, something that Iam contemplating too then you can ask them where the commercial area and invest in aproperty there. There are villas and estates which divide the land and you can chooseone that is near the forests so you can say, take care of horses.