Belize real estate has the hottest investment opportunities in central america


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Belize real estate has the hottest investment opportunities in central america

  1. 1. Belize Real Estate Hasthe Hottest InvestmentOpportunities inCentral AmericaA lot of people are sayingBelize is a hotspot forasset investments. That’sbecause they are very close to the truth. Belize real estate isone hot property investment market waiting for you to make amove on. So, what’s so great about Belize? Aside from itbeing the most beautiful tourist destination in Central Americaand having an increasing number of tourist arrivals every yearsince more than a decade ago, Belize real estate offers themost inexpensive properties this side of the Caribbean.You could easily get yourself a beachfront property or aprivate island without paying as much as you would normallydo back in your home country or in neighboring countries ofCentral America. It may seem unbelievable, but it’s true.Belize is also considered to be a tax haven, giving investorsthe benefit and advantage of having nothing to do withinheritance tax and capital gains tax. Foreign investors nolonger need to be bothered with pre-qualifications orrestrictions on purchasing real estate. With the flexibility ofthe system here in Belize, this is by far the most efficientcountry to ever offer real estate properties to foreignerswithout discrimination.Belize is known for its natural splendor. And since this isbeing established as the “New Caribbean,” investments forbusiness opportunities or luxurious leisure will definitely take
  2. 2. you a long way.This country is also a great place to start investing on yourretirement. The government of Belize has the QualifiedRetired Program that gives approved applicants the benefit ofbeing free from taxes such as income tax, and they even allowthe approved retirees’ spouse and dependents to be includedin the program. The requirements to qualify in the programare very minimal, and the minimum age that can apply is only45. You don’t even have to wait that long to apply.If you simply want to invest on vacation homes or privateislands for leisure then you will be privileged to experiencenatural beauty like no other. The tropical atmosphere issimply divine. The soft sand under your feet and the coolwind beneath your hair with the sight of rolling waves issimply amazing. These aren’t the only things you canexperience in Belize. There are also intricate systems ofunderground caves perfect for adventurers, fields and grovesfor farmers and magnificent mountains for climbers. So asidefrom vacation homes along the beach or private cayes, youcan also get a ranch farm in Belize or properties that can bededicated to business opportunities.The development of communities has been increasing in thecountry, but the only community that you could get yourmoney’s worth is Sanctuary Belize. If you are investing onvacation homes or retirement homes then get affordable dealshere. Be able to live a life of paradise in Belize with theconvenience of urban living without the pollution, thecrowded places and the noise.
  3. 3. The community has world-class amenities and serenebeautiful places that await you in this part of the Belize. Youwill be close to the countless outdoor activities you can do tomake your stay memorable.