Belize real estate for someone on a budget


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Belize is a place where there are perhaps an infinite amount of scenic locations and wonderful surroundings, that is why a lot of people here purchase homes for several purposes such as vacation homes and retirement living.

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Belize real estate for someone on a budget

  1. 1. Belize Real Estate for someone on a budgetEveryone wants their money’s worthwhen it comes to purchases andbuying a home off in another countrycan be quite risky but when it comesto Belize real estate, you can be surethat what you are buying is definitelyworth it.Belize real estate for whateverpurpose you may have will alwayscome in reasonable price ranges andthe selection of homes to choosefrom won’t every be scarce. Surely there’s a home out there in Belize that willdefinitely match your lifestyle and needs. You may ask why we are so sure about youbeing able to purchase a home here. Homes ranging from the simple to the grandestmansions can be found here, it is easy to get a home on the shore here, not tomention very affordable.Belize is a place where there are perhaps an infinite amount of scenic locations andwonderful surroundings, that is why a lot of people here purchase homes for severalpurposes such as vacation homes and retirement living.For retirees, homes that can be found in several towns around the land of Belize arequite reasonable and are modest. For those with tight budgets, it would be easier tofind houses with friendlier price tags in places like the town of Corozal, there are a lotof expatriates who are also residing in this place and is also the most convenientplace to live in because of the accessibility of supplies. There is a fishing villagenearby and also the town of Chetumal Mexico is close, where they have their ownbranch of Wal-Mart.However, if you want a town that is closer to the beach then you can try Hopkins orPlacencia in the south. These towns are the most peaceful places in Belize wherethere are friendly locals are significantly closer to the virgin beaches of the country.However, the accessibility of supplies here may be quite scarce so if you are going topurchase a home here, it would be better to be prepared.However, if what you want is an affordable luxurious living then there’s a lovelycommunity in the Stann Creek District that will be perfect for you. Sanctuary Belizeis a place where you can have a very wonderful time in Belize real estate. Living inthe best comforts and convenience without the pollution of modern society and trulybe surrounded by tranquility and serenity.This community is a 14,000 acre land where only 3,000 will be used for residentialdevelopments. There are also five boutique hotels aside from the private resorts and
  2. 2. spa available exclusively for residents and hotel guests.Be engulfed in the surrounding filled with nature’s gifts to mankind, luscious treesand even the most breathtaking landscapes of mountains and beaches. There’s alsothe equestrian center for residents who want to explore the place without breaking asweat and getting tired.The Marina Village serves as the focal point within the community for the resident’sshopping and dining needs. Bringing convenience and the wonders of nature in oneplace.