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Belize Real Estate: Choosing a Vacation Home in Belize


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Belize is on the top of the list of the world’s best tourist destinations. No wonder a lot of people are really flocking to the country. Annually

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Belize Real Estate: Choosing a Vacation Home in Belize

  1. 1. Belize Real Estate: Choosing a Vacation Home in BelizeBelize is on the top of the listof the world’s best touristdestinations. No wonder a lotof people are really flocking tothe country. Annually, thetourist population increasesdrastically and a lot of peoplehas considered purchasing vacation homes or second homes in the country.The Belize real estate industry is currently experiencing great developments andimprovements. Not to mention, the affordability of the properties here are quite anattraction. Basically, the country of Belize has offered an excellent program for peoplewho wish to retire in the country, giving people who want to retire in the country moreperks and reduced taxes. Purchasing a home in Belize is not as hard as it may seem. Thegovernment doesn’t impose any Capital Gains tax, which is always good news.Next will be the daunting task of actually looking and scouring the land for that perfectvacation home for the holidays. Well it doesn’t have to be that way. All you have to do ismake your search simple by making a list of what you need and want in your vacationhome. Make the needs on your list a priority so that if ever you are faced with budgetconstraints among other things, you can compromise with the ones on your “want” list.Always make your “need” list a priority when it comes to looking for a vacation home.
  2. 2. Once you are done with your list then you can first try looking at ads over the Internet.You can also try asking for an agent’s help, otherwise, you can try looking for places onyour own.There are towns in Belize that offer modest and decent homes for sale. Most of the time,houses like these are already built and what you only need to do next is to move in withyour things. But these houses already come as a sort of package and there may be thingsyou may need that it may also lack.You can also try buying a lot first then have contractors develop the house of yourdreams. There are a lot of land properties up for grabs in Belize and it’s a breeze even fora foreigner to purchase land in this country.You can try a better approach to owning Belize real estate properties. Look atcommunities in the country that have high and solid reputations such as SanctuaryBelize. Here you will never go wrong when purchasing a house. There are built homesready for purchase and there are those available lots where you can have the house ofyour dreams built on. Purchasing property in this community can give you security andpeace of mind.Sanctuary Belize has amenities that make living in the country a whole lot different.With equestrian centers and being in proximity to the wildlife reserves, studying anddiscovering your surroundings in a whole new level will definitely be easier. They havetheir own focal center to dine in and shop around in Marina Village, a yacht club to keepyour boats docked and so much more. The natural surroundings here can really take
  3. 3. your breath away.It would always be better to really study your options since purchasing a vacation homeis quite a big decision.