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Belize Paradise Within Reach


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Perhaps the most attractive feature of a paradise island would be its accessibility, since there are a lot of people who aren’t fond of riding planes for very long hours.

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Belize Paradise Within Reach

  1. 1. Belize Paradise Within ReachPerhaps the most attractive feature of a paradiseisland would be its accessibility, since there are alot of people who aren’t fond of riding planes forvery long hours. Airplane flights can benauseating and not to mention, you have to ride with several strangers who are, more often thannot, uncouth. Then again, another form of paradise within reach poses a challenge on thecapabilities of your pockets. There is a lot of beautiful Caribbean paradise getaways out there butwith shockingly enormous price ranges and owning a piece of paradise doesn’t really make itreachable does it?If there’s a place where it’s near North America, then it is Central America where there are a lot oftropical paradise getaways to choose from. It is just a few hours away by plane or you could takean adventurous road ride from North America passing through Mexico or Guatemala.Belize is a place of true paradise that is protected and unharmed by the people inhabiting the land.There are a lot of places where one can visit here and there isn’t any lack of adventure or discoveryhere. The country is popular for its beautiful beaches and great Mayan structures that are stillbeing preserved, waiting to be rediscovered and awed at by tourists.
  2. 2. The country has been developing its tourism department as of late and there are a lot of structuresthat has been planned to rise in this land of paradise. Since there aren’t a lot of people living inBelize and there’s actually just an approximation of 300,000 living in peace in the country, there’san increasing incidence of visits from tourists and retirees looking at the place. Not to mention,expatriates are leaving whatever they have back home, whereever it is, in order to get a chance tolive in this part of the world. The Belize real estate industry is one of the most thriving real estatemarkets in the world, with loads of foreign investors coming in the country despite the economicstatus of the globe.The place is very attractive, aside from its beautiful surroundings, but also because the country ofBelize has a constant warm to cool temperature.There are a lot of real estate properties on sale here but nothing ever comes close to the majestyand luxury provided by Sanctuary Belize. This is a community located in the southern area ofBelize in the Stann Creek area. Residents here enjoy the perks of their flourishing environmentwith private cayes or houses built from dreams. Imagine sipping coffee in the morning whileunder the shades of the lush rainforests trees or exploring the areas on horseback. You canalso go camping with the family in a wildlife reserve park or even go hiking up Belize’s mostfamous mountain. Perhaps you like the unmatched taste of Belizean fare which is available in thecommunity’s Marina Village. All these and so much more are possible in Sanctuary Belize.