An Idot's Guide to 3G WCDMA - 01 Basic Introduction


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This is an unusual brief non technical introduction designed for newbies. In this presentation you’ll learn What is 3G WCDMA?

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An Idot's Guide to 3G WCDMA - 01 Basic Introduction

  1. 1. An Idiot’s Guide to 3G WCDMA OPTIMIZATION 01 Basic Introduction This is an unusual brief non technical introduction. In this presentation you’ll learn What is 3G WCDMA? ©Sanchuthan Ganeshalingam 2013 - By Sanchu
  2. 2.  Patience to read this document.   No Technical knowledge needed at all. PREREQUISITES ©Sanchuthan Ganeshalingam 2013 -
  3. 3.  3G, short for Third Generation, is the third generation of mobile telecommunications technology; Next to GSM(2G) and prior to LTE(4G). But there are many sub divisions or technical standards in 3G networks.  WCDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access) is an air interface standard or technology found in many 3G mobile telecommunications networks. WHAT IS 3G? WHAT IS WCDMA? ©Sanchuthan Ganeshalingam 2013 -
  4. 4.  Of course, 3G and WCDMA are different. ARE 3G AND WCDMA DIFFERENT? ©Sanchuthan Ganeshalingam 2013 -
  5. 5.  The mobile technologies which satisfy some standards called IMT-2000 standards can be called 3G.  IMT 2000 standards were defined by International Telecommunication Union (ITU).  And 3G technology standards were developed as a result of 3rd Generation Partnership Project(3GPP).  There are many cellular systems or technologies which satisfy the IMT-2000 come under 3G. For example EDGE, CDMA 2000, UMTS, DECT, HSPA ……… many more.  Clear?.... Go ahead. WHAT IS 3G EXACTLY? ©Sanchuthan Ganeshalingam 2013 -
  6. 6.  WCDMA is the short form of Wideband Code Division Multiple Access.  Multiple Access is handling several users or accesses at a time; together.  CDMA is a method used to handle several users at a time with different codes. You just imagine the code as a password. Now different mobiles are given different passwords and their data are encrypted with their given codes.  So what is that W? It’s a short form of wideband means the larger frequency bandwidth. So you can transfer more data… means more speed…. Good. Isn't it? THEN WHAT IS WCDMA? ©Sanchuthan Ganeshalingam 2013 -
  7. 7.  3G WCDMA is number of mobile telecommunication standards which satisfy IMT 2000 standards and use WCDMA.  What are they? UMTS(R99), HSDPA, HSUPA, HSPA+.  Clear?.... Move next… FINALLY THE CAT IS OUT OF THE BOX. 3G WCDMA IS …. ©Sanchuthan Ganeshalingam 2013 -
  8. 8. UMTS/R99 HSPA HSDPA/HSUPA HSPA+ Max. DL speed / bps 384 k 14 M 28 M…moving on Max. UL speed / bps 128 k 5.76 M 11 M…moving on Latency – approx. RTT 150 ms 100 ms 50 ms 3GPP Release Rel 99 / 4 Rel 5 HSDPA Rel 6 HSUPA Rel 7…. Yet developing New releases Access Technique CDMA CDMA CDMA Modulation Technique DL – QPSK UL – BPSK DL – 16 QAM UL – QPSK/BPSK DL – 64 QAM UL – 16 QAM Approx. years of initial roll out 2003/4 2005/6 HSDPA 2007/8 HSUPA 2008/9 3G WCDMA STANDARDS AT A GLANCE… ©Sanchuthan Ganeshalingam 2013 -
  9. 9.  In the next Chapter we will learn the Technical introduction for the basic stuffs we’ve learnt today.  So get prepared yourself for the Technical Introduction. WHAT NEXT? ©Sanchuthan Ganeshalingam 2013 -