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Simple Steps To Make Cardamom Oils | Sancheti Exports


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Learn the simple steps to make cardamom oils from your home at minimum cost. If you want to buy cardamom oils then visit us at -

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Simple Steps To Make Cardamom Oils | Sancheti Exports

  1. 1. Simple Steps To Extract Cardamom Oil
  2. 2. Things You’ll Require Mortar & Pestle ½ cup cardamom seeds Cheesecloth Distilled Water Small Sauce pan A small glass bottle
  3. 3. Grind the cardamom seeds into fine dust
  4. 4. Place the grounded cardamoms on the cheesecloth Tie it into a small sachet
  5. 5. Fill the sauce pan with distilled water & heat it on medium high
  6. 6. Now, place the sachet in the water & simmer it for atleast 24 hours, until the water reduces to half inch layer in the saucepan
  7. 7. Now cover the pot with cheesecloth & place it in dry daylight, so that the water gets evaporated
  8. 8. After the evaporation process, pour the remaining liquid into the small jar that should look like the one in the picture Your cardamom oil is now ready to export
  9. 9. If you want to buy Cardamom Oil Place your order online @ - OR Contact Us – 80/2 Pathuria Ghata Street Kolkata- 700 006 W.B (India) Tele Fax: 91-33-22591417 Phone: 32921417 Mobile: 09339156700, 09432297873