High fliers and retention and hr


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High fliers and retention and hr

  1. 1. Human ResourcesPart of Course Work / PhD in Management mm bagali Research Guide / HR area / Jain University Research Guide in Management- HR area
  2. 2. Learning Objectives• Explain why people are key• How to manage different sect of people• What / How research should be done in this area
  3. 3. agendaManaging High FliersDeveloping the next generation
  4. 4. Let us look at• Whats the workplace today• Talent Acquisition and People Flow• The Organizational Transformation strategies• What Research can go in this area
  5. 5. “The challenge today is not just retainingtalented people, but fully engaging them,capturing their minds and hearts at each stageof their work lives.”
  6. 6. Core Assumptions20th Century Model 21st Century ModelLabor Cost Human AssetIndividual CollaborativeUnitary Multi-StakeholderCentralized leadership EmpoweredNot gen Y More gen YSingle skilled Multi-skilled
  7. 7. Factors for person to stay• Great place to work• Freedom / Liberity@workplace• Open space to express• Great comp and ben…
  8. 8. Mercers Survey on “Whats Working”Times of India, 7th Sep, 2011, p:6• Career Advancement• Respectable workplace• Long term leave for best work• Best Incentives, perks, variable pay
  9. 9. Data Quest Sep, 2011Best Employer Survey
  10. 10. • Job Security and • Overseas Stability Oppournities• Growth Oppournities/ • Leadership/ Career Development Management• Flexibility Work Hours/ • Transparent Appraisal Work-Life Balance System• Strong Brand Image • Great Polices and• Positive Work procedure Environment • Welfare• Training and Devp • Communication Oppournity straight • Attending Employee Issues
  11. 11. Few supporting• Image• Managing Slow Dawn• Perks and Benefits• Salary hikes• Job Contents• Performance matter, so am I here
  12. 12. Reasons people quit jobs• Career Advancement• Compensation• Education• Location• Competition – Poaching from Competitors – Peer Pressure• Family
  13. 13. Characteristic of High Fliers• Fast at workplace• Fast track record of change• Freedom and liberty• Free from all supervision• Free transparent communication
  14. 14. Expectations Areas• Compensation• Place of work• People and work systems• Flexibility• Freedom
  15. 15. How to Manage• Interesting work challenge• Opportunity for development• Promote International experience• Opportunity for career advancement
  16. 16. Assistance services• Tax compliance• Visa / immigration• Property management• Educational benefits for family• Communicate a vision or
  17. 17. Research in High Fliers area Work culture & Salary & Leadership JobEnvironmen Compensati & Satisfaction t on Colleagues
  18. 18. Research in High Fliers area• Specific objectives of this study could be: – View global mobility from the standpoint of the employee – Examine the support that employees receive from their companies (e.g., policies, training, relocation, repatriation) – Explore the impact of different types of global mobility on employee growth, quality of life, and well-being
  19. 19. Questions to Determine Employée Engagement (Q 10)1. Do you know what is expected of you 6. Is there someone at work who at work? encourages your development?2. Do you have the materials and 7. At work, do your opinions seem to equipment you need to do your count? work right? 8. Does the mission/purpose of your3. At work, do you have the opportunity company make you feel your job is to do what you do best every day? important?4. In the last seven days, have you 9. Are your associates (fellow received recognition or praise for employees) committed to doing doing good work? quality work?5. Does your supervisor, or someone at 10. Do you have a best friend at work? work, seem to care about you as a person?
  20. 20. Leaders RoleSTRATEGIST—Develops a long-range course of action or set of goals to align with the organization’s visionENTREPRENEUR—Identifies and exploits opportunities for new products, services, and markets
  21. 21. MOBILIZER—Proactively builds and aligns stakeholders, capabilities, and resources for getting things doneTALENT ADVOCATE—Attracts, develops, and retains talent to ensure that people are at right place at the right time for the right reasons
  22. 22. CAPTIVATOR—Builds passion and commitment toward a common missionGLOBAL— Bring in a Big picture and whats in it
  23. 23. CHANGE DRIVER—Creates an environment; makes change ; helps others to accept new ideasENTERPRISE GUARDIAN—Ensures decision- making that supports enterprise—or unit-wide interests
  24. 24. HR Research… Current Areas
  25. 25. 7 Biggest Challenges for HR Chief Talent Career Employee Acquisition Talent Planning Engagement Retention Managing Critical Compensati Leadership Workforce on package DevelopmentSources: Economic Times, 3rd September, 2011, p: 4. Deloitte Compensation Survey, 2011
  26. 26. Sep 2010 to Sep 2011Sep 2010 Oct 2010 Nov 2010 Dec 2010 Sep 2011 Jan – Feb July – Aug March 2011 April 2011 May 2011 June 2011 2011 2011
  27. 27. Strategic HRM• Transforming HR through Technology• Virtual Organization : Challenges and Issues• Employer Branding as Strategic Tool• Leadership
  28. 28. Talent Acquisition• Emerging trends in Global mobility• Attracting Talent• Engaging Talented Employees
  29. 29. Performance Management• Competency Mapping and Management• Workforce Productivity• Competency Model for Education Sector
  30. 30. Learning and Development, including Knowledge Management• Training Designs• Building Learning Culture
  31. 31. Compensation / Rewards / Pay• Pay…. JD defined• Market based Pay structure• Retention bonus strategies
  32. 32. Coaching• Cross Cultural coaching• Executive coaching
  33. 33. Diversity• Managing diversity• Managing MNC: HR way
  34. 34. Reading ListFortuneGreat place to workHarvard Business School PressMIT- Sloan Management ReviewWhat makes HBR great after so many years of running
  35. 35. What makes HBR great after so many years of runningMost of the papers / articles / cases / research paper / interviews and write ups at HBR from : Fortune Companies Macro Study / Major study Huge Data at Countries involved Burning Issues CEO level analysis
  36. 36. A word of warning…• Good data is must• Questionnaire elaborate• Statistical Analysis• Pilot Study• Document everything in the process• As case study, the style will be different
  37. 37. Research in High Fliers area Work culture & Salary & Leadership JobEnvironmen Compensati & Satisfaction t on Colleagues
  38. 38. Work culture &Environmen t • The Company’s infrastructure is good and makes my work easier • The culture of the company creates a very positive work environment • The company is very open to ideas and suggestions given by employees • This company believes in giving back to society and has a lot of social work initiatives • This company conducts its business in a fair manner • This company has high standards of corporate governance • I feel my opinion matters in this company • Major decisions or changes are immediately communicated to us • This company behaves in a very professional manner-with employees, customers, and others
  39. 39. • I have the freedom to make decisions on my own relating to my work• I am not encouraged to take risks in my work• The company is sensitive to its women employees• People in my company treat each other with mutual trust and respect• I respect this company’s work values and ethics• I feel a sense of belongingness in this company• The company responds immediately to any issues or problems I have• The company and my manager help me maintain a work-life balance• This company puts a high value on honesty and integrity• I have fun working here
  40. 40. JobSatisfaction • The work I do is crucial to the company’s growth • I am very excited about the work I handle here • People around me are passionate about their work • I have exciting growth opportunities in this company • I am very excited by the technology I am working on • I am very stressed at work • My job is secure here • My goals are clearly defined and I know what I am expected to do • I am satisfied the with amount of training given to me in a year • I am satisfied with the quality of training the company provides • The training given to me is relevant to the kind of work I do • The training given in this company genuinely helps me in my professional and personal growth
  41. 41. Salary &Compensati on • I am paid enough for the work do in this company • My salary structure is quite tax efficient • I am not paid at par with industry standards • I am satisfied with the kind of salary hikes I get • I am satisfied with the perks and benefits available to me • The company has the same and equal salary structure for male and female employees • The appraisal system in this company is transparent • The appraisal system in this company is fair • The appraisal parameters are well thought out and relevant • Special initiatives and efforts are duly recognized at the time of appraisal • The appraisal system is not partial towards male employees • My company has different KRAs/performance measures for female employees
  42. 42. Leadership &Colleagues • I believe that the company’s leadership is doing what is required for the company’s growth • My manager is always available when I need help or advice. • My manager encourages me to speak freely at meetings • My manager genuinely cares about my professional and personal growth • My superiors give recognition immediately for outstanding work done • I get regular and constructive feedback from my manager/superiors • My colleagues help me when I need them • My relationship with my peers make for a better work environment • I had been treated differently because of my gender • My male co-workers interact differently with me than they do with one another • My ideas and thoughts are not given priority by management • Glass ceiling for female employees exists in my company • My company provides support during and after the maternity period • My company has mentoring programs for female employees • My company has family friendly work place policies for female employees • My company has strong and easily accessible grievance cell • My company has policy of minimum number of female employees at each level/band and attrition check is don for the same
  43. 43. SeminarPresentation on:Great place to work strategies15 min presentation / 10 Q-A /
  44. 44. Any questions or comments about the presentation can be sent to sanbag@rediffmail.com / sanbagsanbag@rediffmail.com