Websigmas Presentation for Inbound Marketers


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The following presentation will take you through the migration process -- from SEO to Inbound Marketing and the job role of next gen inbound marketer.

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Websigmas Presentation for Inbound Marketers

  1. 1. SEM to IMThe Transition & Beyond
  2. 2. The SEO world experienceddramatic changes in last 2yearsThe tug of war withGoogle’s policies is still on…
  3. 3. Results…• Some quit their job as SEO• Freelancers are having worst timeof their lives• Advertisers are reluctant tospend more on organic searchresults• Agencies turn a deaf ear toreseller’s repetitive requests fornew jobs• A majority took a backstage and
  4. 4. Rest just don’t knowordon’t want to knowWhat awaits them…
  5. 5. Is SEO Dying?ortaking a new shapealtogetherWhere do you land up at…
  6. 6. Survival of theFittestThe statement seems evenmore applicable now…
  7. 7. Have the Guts?To shift your focus from buildinglinks to building 360 degreepopularity of a website
  8. 8. The Job is nevereasyAll around marketing of a website is farchallenging than practicing SEOIt teaches you a lot andextracts everything in you
  9. 9. It boils down to many newthings to learn, understand andexecute that you never did orthought of …Worried??Change is goodif you see it is good
  10. 10. Why?• Huge domain of interest – there is afair chance of being directionless• No third party (Google) is to dependon or to blame for poor performance• Greater accountability as the result isdirectly proportional to yourmarketing charisma, not algorithmupdate
  11. 11. • Determining success is a long termeffort in 360 degree marketing• IM (Inbound Marketing) demands amore dynamic approach to marketing• Creativity, resourcefulness andresearch skills – they should come ina big package• There are no certainrules, methods, strategies specified
  12. 12. So, what it takes you tobegin with this new form ofchallenge?How to get started right with theright frame of mind?
  13. 13. Let’s dig out more on this inmy next presentation …to be resumed…… by Sanat SinghaBlog Owner of WebSigmas.com