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Inbound Marketing by Sanat singha


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The presentation aims at marketers who still use traditional outbound marketing tactics for customer acquisition. Follow to get more such ideas.

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Inbound Marketing by Sanat singha

  1. 1. Inbound Marketing in Practice - Presented by Sanat Singha Courtesy:
  2. 2. ON TARGET Paradigm Shift in Marketing Marketing has evolved over the years, so the consumer behavior What you did in the past is not accepted any more unless you package it better People have more control in what information they receive and how Outbound marketer’s “Buy, Beg or Bug” policies don’t work now
  4. 4. ON TARGET Facts To Know Outbound marketing through Billboards and TV ads are not enough to educate someone about new products Over 85% people skip through TV commercials Over 40% direct mailers are never opened or are routed to spam box Over 90% email users unsubscribe direct emails sent by a company Over 80% of visitors bounce back from website because of irrelevant, unsolicited ads More and More phone numbers are added to “Do Not Call List” and “Do Not Disturb” list
  5. 5. ON TARGET What is Inbound Marketing A new marketing strategy that relies on earning consumer interest than buying it A practice of bringing warm, qualified leads into sales funnel A marketing tactics that include content marketing and social media engagement
  6. 6. ON TARGET Inbound Marketing - USPs Interactive, two-way communication Less expensive than traditional marketing Don’t just generate leads, but revenue Growing Return on Investment (ROI) 3 out of 4 inbound marketing channels cost less than any outbound channel Value addition by marketers
  7. 7. ON TARGET Inbound Marketing Tools eBooks Company Blog Podcasts Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Videos Social Media – FB, Twitter, LinkedIn Whitepapers Pay Per Click Campaigns Presentations Infographics Referrals Webiners Microsites
  8. 8. ON TARGET How To Do Inbound Marketing Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Deliver Interesting and Add Value to audience Engage your brand Informative content Create positive Help them buy the Share and spread connection with the solution, not just a through social networks customer product and news aggregators Increase visibility Build links through syndicated content
  9. 9. ON TARGET The End Results Inbound links to company’s blog and home page Improvements in Search Engine Ranking Massive Buzz Referral Traffic Driving Sales and Leads
  10. 10. ON TARGET Know It From Horse’s Mouth Over 70% of marketers will invest in Inbound Marketing in 2013 Marketing spend on company blogs and social media has doubled in last few years Facebook marketers have increased over 80% in the last two years Over 70% B2C and 40% B2B companies have acquired customers through Facebook 2/3rd marketers agree to the importance of having company blog. 60% of businesses have acquired customer through their company blog Around 40% businesses have earned customer through Twitter
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