Killer App in Healthcare - An Attempt


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This was the response to the killer app challenge Master of Management in Clinical Informatics, The Fuqua School of Business, program

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  • We live in a wired world….Theme 1: Overview of article – 10 secs….There is a deluge of numbers, but how can we use it?Theme 2: Why Social media successful – you are playing to an audience!Theme 3: Fun sells – boring doesn’t
  • Nike has tried to integrate the three trends.56 mil is small compared to total sales but Nike has something going – Adidas introduced miCoachWe are just getting started with popularity of such devicesWhy has it worked?Why is it not wildly popular?Related notes: In the two years since it launched Nike+, a technology that tracks data of every run and connects runners around the world at a Web site,, Nike has built a legion of fans. In August, for instance, 800,000 runners logged on and signed up to run a 10K race sponsored by Nike simultaneously in 25 cities, from Chicago to São Paulo.Poetential issue for Nike+ - attractive only to serious runners – athletes
  • This is what Fitly offers“Harnessing the power of networks, data aggregation and wireless technologies, and fostering a culture of fitness”
  • - Free service to encourage adoption, but what is health worth to you? Value added services could monetize at the individual levelEmployees already have wellness programs but adoption is weakFitly will be an outsourced wellness programDuke would be an ideal pilotFor these reasons…. Anne to addOther collaborators who would want to be “friends” of your network (Grocers, Restaurants, REI, Nike, LIFETIME fitness etc.)Further notes:Employer Wellness Programs Employer's are taking greater interest in employee's health because they've realized if they pay for health, they'll pay less for sickness. They are seeking to create a culture of wellness by addressing tangible behaviors. Fitly can help with this initiative by facilitating data collection.  We have already seen employers such as IBM, Scott's Miracle-Gro and the state of Alabama use carrots and sticks to incentivize employee participation in wellness programs.  Cost-effectiveness in adoption of wellness programs
  • Talk about data sources – aggregation Reporting of statsAnd the healthy competition that is possible via the game experience
  • Killer App in Healthcare - An Attempt

    1. 1. Team 3<br />Christopher Roth  Yuan Song  Anne Price  Anang Srinivas  Anna Ramanathan<br />
    2. 2. Three Trends<br />Fitness tracking<br />Social Media<br />Fun and Interactive<br />
    3. 3. An Attempt by Nike+<br /><ul><li>So far (through 2008) Nike has sold 1.3 million Nike+ iPod Sport Kits1
    4. 4. Nike+ sales of $56 million
    5. 5. Total 2008 sales was $18.63 billion
    6. 6. We are just getting started</li></ul>1<br />
    7. 7. What if?<br />You brought in a dose of healthy competition?<br />You aggregated data from many devices?<br />You control your private data for your advantage?<br />
    8. 8. Mobility<br />Interaction<br />Accountability<br />Convenience<br />Scheduling<br />Connectedness<br />Knowledge<br />Innovation<br />Analysis<br />
    9. 9. Opportunities<br />How much is health worth to you?<br /><ul><li>Direct costs to employers2
    10. 10. Overweight employees cost $147 per year in medical costs, and $1403 in paid absence
    11. 11. ROI of $3 for $1 spend on wellness programs3
    12. 12. People who would love to be part of the Fitly network
    13. 13. Grocers, Restaurants, REI, Nike, LIFETIME fitness etc.</li></ul>2. Economic Costs of Obesity to Self-Insured Employers - Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine - Volume 50, Issue 9 (September 2008)<br />3<br />
    14. 14. Fitness Data Aggregator<br />Web Services<br />My Network<br />Game Experience<br />Versus<br />DATA<br />Your Network<br />REPORT STATS<br />
    15. 15. Business Models<br /><ul><li>Free apps + premium for value added experience</li></ul>MIUM<br /><ul><li>Ads
    16. 16. Partner with Self-insured Employers and reinvent The Wellness Program
    17. 17. Partner with Collaborators – Retail, Devices, Fitness etc.</li></li></ul><li>Interactive, <br />User-Controlled Environment<br />