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Lessons in entrepreneurship from the india it industry


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Lessons in entrepreneurship from the india it industry

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Lessons in entrepreneurship from the india it industry

  1. 1. scarcity
  2. 2. In closing, I want to talk to you about a few lessons from the India IT industry which has opted to walk a different path-very different from the ones may other traditional India businesses have trodden. As a result, the India IT industry has been able to lead India to her rightful place in the world, in this area at least.
  3. 3. •#1.To be world-class,you begin and end with quality  The first lesson from the IT industry is about its adherence to quality. quality begins only when we admit that we are serve .  entrepreneurs who want to build great organizations must deeply believe in the basic tenet that they are there to “serve" other.
  4. 4.  Most acts of entrepreneurship are motivated by some one‟s ego , the desire to be rich and powerful. we have to breathe, dream and deliver quality ahead of what the customer is asking for and ahead of what the competition is doing.
  5. 5. #2.IT is about what you know, not who you know  The second lesson we all must take away from the IT industry is something very profound. this industry runs on the principal of „what' you know. There is a world of deference between the two starting point
  6. 6.  Frist,the fact that kings ruled us for thousand of years, created a mindset of largesse in business people. it continues even today .  The second deeply ingrained cultural issue with Indian businessmen is the drug of intermediation.
  7. 7. #3 Great organizations are built by people with an „ABUNDANCE' mindset The third lesson to be learnt from the IT industry is a mindset of abundance and not scarcity. When the chairman N.R. NARAYANA MURTHY made a public vow that imfosys would strive to make a hundred infiscions by the year 2000!
  8. 8.  It was unheard of that an entrepreneur would evaluate his success or the enterprise based on how much wealth it could create for people who work for the organization. as a result infosys become global company ,the sprit of shared wealth creation
  9. 9. #4Lesson great enterprise by people who are proud to pay taxes right the fourth lesson from the IT industry is in its pride in paying taxes right. you will never hear about NARAYANA MURTI,AZIM PREMJI or ASHOK SOOT losing sleep over the sound of the taxman‟s footsteps. these are the people like all of us in the industry , are proud to pay their taxes right.
  10. 10.  I am not blind to the fact that sometime we all suffer because of a poorly drafted law or a poor interpretation of it.  At mindtree, when we are faced with something like that, we first it out. We do not smear our face because someone else is in the wrong.
  11. 11. #5 to be world-class, you have to be hierarchy IN IT industry ,that man would have been feted, his photo would have been on the internet and he would received a spot award .at mindtree,securiy personnel are under strict instruction not to salute any of us .their job is to be vigilant ,not respectful.
  12. 12. #6 PERSONAL INEGRITY the six lesson from the IT industry is about the unimpeachable personal integrity the helm of affairs.
  13. 13. #7 GREAT ENTERPRISES BELIEVE IN SETTING UP HARIY, AUDACIOUS GOALS  The seven lesson to be gleaned from the IT industry is about the linkage great success and setting up of hairy, audacious goals .  The greatness and size of the vision was officially discussed at the world Economic forum a few years ago .
  14. 14.  In 1990 to set up shop for wipro,the RBI did not permit us to by foreign exchange to open an office. It is the first hundred millionaires in the IT industry , or to become the first Indian company to be listed on NASDAQ.
  15. 15. #8 THE WORLD CLASS ORGNIZATIONS ARE DEEPLY INCLUSIVE  THE IT INDUSTRY has come up to be what it is today ,because in every deal ,it leaves something behind on the table so that come back to deal again.
  16. 16. The organization‟s resources are not “MY”RESOURCES  THE ninth lesson from the IT industry is about making a clear distinction between personal resources and organization resources. Just because you start a company does not mean you “won" it. My company Resources are not my resource. The truth is that such misuse of organization resources is quite commonplace among business owners and industrialists in Indian .
  17. 17.  you seldom see such impoverishments of the mind in the IT industry .
  18. 18. #10 Admirable organization prosperity begins with austere leadership  The tenth lesson from the IT about austerity. if you are waiting at the venue of a conference in Bangalore what car do you think you are most likely to spot Nandan Nilekani ,CEO of Infosys , in ?A TOYOTA QUALIS. Most people think ,if you have it .you must flaunt it.
  19. 19.  That may well be the way many lead their lives; leaders in the It industry stand out with their sense of connectedness with the larger reality . “GREATER WEALTH COMES TO THOSE WHO RESPECT ITS POWER TO CREAT CHANGE AND LOOK AT THEMSELVES AS MERE CONDUIT”
  20. 20. # 11 IT IS ABOUT ORDINARY PEOPLE DELIVERING EXTRA-ORDINARY RESULT THE eleventh lesson from the IT industry is about its ability to deliver extraordinary result with ordinary people .
  21. 21. lesson #12 play IT BY THE BOOK  The twelfth and the final lesson from the IT industry is that you can become world-class by playing it by the book. The IT industry is not created by the people born with a silver spoon. the dice was loaded against them as much as it was loaded any one else. Great value is born out of the feeling that an enterprise is like a piece of land we all have been given. our charter is to create unusual , lasting value out of it
  22. 22. Thank you