Be your own boss


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Be your own boss

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Be your own boss

  1. 1. 12000 ideas from readers around the country, most Indians wanted to kick their jobs and set up their own businesses.  Most company executives had ideas which they wanted to convert into enterprises one day.  As the second edition of the programme decided to check how employees in the corporate world feel about entrepreneurship and if they are ready to take the push. 
  2. 2. o The feedback thus seemed encouraging. According to a ETSynovate Entrepreneurship survey, 66% of executives polled will like to become their own boss someday.
  3. 3. 93% of those polled in Ahmedabad say they would want to be their own boss.  Around 48% want to start up and give wings to their entrepreneurial dreams.  33% of these corporate executive said, they were ready to become entrepreneurs and thought it was their true calling and that they will be keen to start up at the first available opportunity.  Nearly 32% said they will like to take it up a at a later date, while 22% said they are not cut – out for entrepreneurship. 
  4. 4. Overall, 54% of the corporate executive said they have business ideas that they will like to pursue at a later date.  The figure was higher in Bangalore and Pune at 73%.Delhi was at 65%,Kolkata was at 62% while Hyderabad was the least interested with 74% respondents saying that they had no ideas and were not interested to become entrepreneurs.  41% of executives said they are working on a business idea which they will launch soon.  It is also interesting to note that 47% of the executives who are already working on their idea are in the 33-40 yr age bracket. 
  5. 5. About 38% of them are in the 25-32 yr age bracket. Reasons for wanting to strike out : Executive complaints of Bias  Lack of equal growth opportunity  And in someways absence of a career path, which leaves them some what dissatisfied.  These could also be because of issues with Bosses and colleagues and  The fact that they do not feel their ideas or initiatives are appreciated and given their due credit.  
  6. 6. While a majority of them said they could cope up with all sort of work related pressures,20% find out it tough to cope with their Bosses and work issues.  Another 20% is keen to switch jobs while 17% say that, given a choice they would be their own Boss and would be keen to start something their own.  About 42% are concerned about lack of funds. 
  7. 7. A similar percentage of executives are not sure if their ideas will click, especially in a saturated market.  While some are happy being in their job, 29% feel setting up a business involves far too much risk.  23% are concerned about the gestation time for the idea to turn into a reality. 
  8. 8. Every individual has his own risk appetite and he has to take a call on how much risk he is willing to take, at that point in time.  Of the executives, 20% say they are the sole earning members of the family which, even though they might have entrepreneurial ambitions and also a great idea, doesn't allow them the luxury of taking the risk at this stage.  Interestingly, about 20% of the executives say they are uncertain about it because of lack of a mentor to guide them in the process. 