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Bagelwala express


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Bagelwala express

  1. 1. Argh! I had to skip breakfast today as I wasgetting late for work.
  2. 2. I have to rushfor a meeting,can I grab and gosomething?
  3. 3. We can FIX thePROBLEM
  4. 4. Bringing the experience ofof Authentic New York’ stylebagels to your office.
  5. 5. OPTION 1: Bagelwala! Express Kiosks in your cafeteria
  6. 6. OPTION 2:DO-IT –YOURSELF bagel and creamcheese service.
  7. 7. Why your employees will LOVE it?
  8. 8. It’s YUM
  9. 9. A UNIQUE experience
  10. 10. Takes LESS thanthe TIME to makeMAGGI.
  11. 11. Breakfast, Lunch andANYTIME snack
  12. 12. Healthy Bagel Options :MULTIGRAIN and WHOLE-WHEAT
  13. 13. Wide range of products
  14. 14. NEXT STEPSIf interested, please fill upthe attached questionnaire.
  15. 15. FOR ANY QUERIES?CALL: 9819014804EMAIL: